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Best part about the "entry level" gas savers from all the major lines, is that starting around 2012 they all decided to make the interiors very nice and comparable to the next level/tier models.

When I bought my Cruze i was really suprised by how high end the interior/guages/etc all looked when compared to the cobalt i was trading in. I looked around, the Chrysler 200, Mazda 3, Dodge DART all had this new and improved interior look that really helps sell the cars and makes them look a little nice than the previous gas saver/commuter cars in the segment.

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The new Jetta probably is the way to go then. I had a rental for about a week, personally I felt it was a bit too slow and seemed more cheaply built from previous models. But if I recall correctly I managed to get about 4-500km out of a tank. Should be within her price range also.

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I just bought a 2013 Corolla with auto/air for $21,500 out the door. The price point was a major factor..as well as reliability....as well as the 0% financing.......plus it had more back seat room than the Cruze. Lot of people dont like Toyota but after test driving

Elantra,Cruze,Civic I liked the ride the best.

The Accord is an awesome car which I would buy in a heartbeat but was out of my budget as all I wanted was a point A to point B car.

Join car cost Canada or go to Red Flag deals and look in the invoice threads. You can also get one free report

from Unhaggle.

Find what you want and offer 3-5% over invoice and most likely you can get a deal. I emailed the sales manager

at Toyota asking if he could do $21,500 out the door and he said yes.

As examples on invoice

2013 Kia Forte 4dr Sdn Auto LX Plus

MSRP: $20,250.00

Invoice: $19,041.00

2013 Honda Civic Sdn 4dr Auto LX

MSRP: $21,040.00

Invoice: $19,776.00

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My mom is looking for a new car that is great on gas and under 25k. She doesn't like hatchbacks, so only a sedan with lots of space. She is selling her Infiniti (gas guzzler) so she is looking for a car to mainly driver to/from work and around town, not usually long trips. Thanks

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I really don´t like japanese cars...

the engine is good but the rest can´t simply handle tought conditions...

my mom recently sold a VW Fox (VW Polo) and bought a Honda Fit, the pokemon isn´t even 20% tought than the Volkswagen is. the "mutimidia processor" already faield and the AGPS went nut indicating the position 400km away from the real position!

the suspension is too low so you can´t drive in low quality asphalt and the 1.5 engine is less powerfull than the 1.6 flexfuel from VW. also Honda engines simply can´t work very well when you´re using Etanol on it! if it´s supposed to be FlexFuel (run with Gasoline, Etanol or both) why do I have to put gasoline on the auxiliary tank? and why on earth the engine can´t give enought torque when powered by Etanol?

also the car simply can´t carry as much weight as supposed. on the VW we´re able to carry a 600KG airplane engine at once like it was nothing. but the Honda needs a very detailed calculation to know where we should put this thing...

I can´t understand why Japanese put SO many things on the steering wheel and panels. is this a car or an airplane? even airplanes today are adopting the "clear cockpit" concept to avoid overworking situations.

I don´t need 6 buttons only for radios if I can do this using a touchscreen or if the radio have the same buttons as on the steering wheel. I don´t need a CD/DVD button because people don´t change CD/DVD every second and why the "multimidia center" power control is located there?

Germany cars don´t have this, it´s a clean car, easy to find what you want and it isn´t a polluted panel with a reliable and hard working engine...

I travelled 3.445 KM with my VW Fox and absolutely nothing happened, 4 days fully loaded demanding work, work and work and the VW did the job like a truck. I simply can´t rely on a Honda to do the same thing...

was sun, rain, mud, 12 hours driving without stop and other very hard conditions but the Volkswagen did perfectly because it´s a car designed to be strong not to be beautiful...

cars for me must be from England, Germany or from USA. Japanese make cars for good terrain not for tought conditions...

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