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[Value of] Kyle Okposo

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What would it take for us to acquire him via trade? IMO, Okposo+Kassian on a line = deadly power line.

IF we were to get him, our top-6/top-9 would definitely improve instantly.

My bet would be Higgins+prospect? or ++?

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Doubt they'll trade him at this point unless some team really believes they can turn his game around and pays a hefty price.

He has been relatively disappointing most of his career and it has lowered his value. However, he did finish this season off pretty strongly, so the Islanders might want to keep him around to see what he does in 13/14. His late-season push wasn't enough to raise his trade value, so it's not like the Islanders can "sell high".

Personally I wouldn't want to trade for him in case that stretch was just a hot streak (although his play-style changed/improved, not just stats wise). I think we need more skills players, anyway; not interested in a power-forward.

As for your proposal, it makes almost no sense for them to trade him for a 3rd line grinder and a prospect. They're towards the end of their rebuild and want to start competing and he's a young NHL ready 2nd liner. They'd likely want young NHLer(s) in return and we don't have any to spare.

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We have one LW playing RW.





Higgins is the 3rd line winger. Our top 9 is already fine, and our wingers.

Maybe a depth RW but that's about it, we don't need any.

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I disagree

2nd line right wing is our most glaring hole besides no fourth line.

Hansen is not a 1st line right winger.

Kassian might be our best choice for that.

Personally I think we have one too many 3rd line floaters. I like the boys but it's time for a change.

The smartest move would be to bring Up a prospect for the second line , Schroeder/Jensen

And trade one of our extra floaters for a legit 4th line beast , chipchura/ Abdelkater

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