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Garrison to forward?

Ted Lasso

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I believe this has come up in a thread before, but couldn't find a dedicated topic (mods please move or delete as needed).

Here's a recent article attributing the Sharks strong start to Brent Burns ~ppg performance so far this season. You will enjoy the reference to their game against us last week: http://thehockeywrit...ng-brent-burns/

As you likely know, Burns started his career as a forward, and made the switch to D when he entered the NHL with the Wild (under Lemaire). Jason Garrison also started as a forward, and moved to D in junior. Is it worth a try (even just in a practice)?


adds size, hits and depth to forward group

early enough in the season to experiment

'deals' from a position of strength (D, and specifically LD)

allows Corrado NHL experience

can still use his shot from the point on the PP


Garrison has not played forward for awhile, so it's unrealistic to expect the same success that Burns has had

disrupts current D pairings & F line combinations

hands in close? (reviewing online, majority of his goals come from the point or high slot)

What have I missed? Where could you see him slotting in as F?

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People have suggested it for Edler and Bieksa both already. Just because <1% of NHL defenceman have enjoyed success as a forward (Buf and Burns) doesn't mean everyone should try it. Burns had played as a forward in the past and was converted to defence late in his junior career.

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So did Garrison

Because he was too small to play D at the time. Even then it's not really a reason to move a player from the position where they'd had the most success. Garrison has built his game off of strong defensive play and a booming slapshot, how would that translate to a forward role so that it'd be more successful than where he is currently?

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