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Jumping in the madness want to make my own post

Only trades I can seriously see happening:

Kesler --> I can only see him going to Philly or Pits

Pits wants him and so does Philly, both locations make geographic sense for Kes, Both Gms are in love with Kes, Pits coach is a fan too.

Pits feels Kes will help them win a cup they have rumoured to have offered a trade pre olympics already of Sutter and Pouliot centered.

My trades:


Kesler for Sutter, Pouliot and their 2014 1st rounder

Sutter = 25 year old serviceable center, can be a checking C

Pouliot = Elite PMD prospect, hasnt proven a thing on the pro level yet, is playing on a stacked team in portland, but he is learning to be a winner. We need a Dman like this in our near future.

Olli Maatas emergence has made him expendable, as Pouliot wont effect their current lineup, they are deep on d propsects and even with Letangs scare and sketchy future I feel they could still make this trade.

Pretty much just traded Staal for kesler, except they are more developed and a new 1st rounder, which will be a late first rounder - No problem though it cold be Nikita Scherbak, Would make me extremely happy.



Kesler for Simmonds, Couturier and their 2014 1st rounder

Simmonds would look amazing with the sedins, he really would, would be a 35 goal scorer with them minimum. Couturer is still very young, is def. responsible, has the size and the talent, needs some grooming, could be a #1 C, or a very effective #2 or if he busted a Brandon Sutter, either way he will be a player. plus a first rounder from them which would be a mid first rounder.

Kesler would look good in their group of forwards, mirrors the mike richards trade, I do not think they will want to trade Schenn, there forwards after: Giroux, Kesler, Voracek, Lecav, Hartnell, Schenn, Read that is a pretty solid group.

Edler trades:

I do not want to trade edler unless we get a great return, I still believe in him.

I would do a trade for ROR in a heartbeat but it isnt going to happen

Russian Rocket posted to Ottawa for Lazar, Weircroch and a pick, I would absolutely love that trade, if gillis pulled that off I would be stoked.

And Detroit : Mantha, Smith and their 1st rounder

Those are really the only trades I would do for Edler.

Eddie Lack Trade:

Lack for Ryan Pulock or Ville Pokka and a 2nd round pick

I think we would have a better chance at Ville Pokka

Booth for any draft pick we can receive, there seriously must be a team who thinks he can still play, isnt there!! If not buy-out in summer

Out Kesler, Edler and Lack -------> Future of Burrows needs to be determined soon, as he has a high hit 4.5 and zero production.

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Like the Philly deal and either Edler trade. However don't like Lack trade as he's here to stay and he'll be given the crease as Lu begins slowing down.

...Pitts, would only do a deal if we get Maatta in return. Yea Pouliout is ripping up the minors but it's the minors. No knowing if he can translate that to the NHL level while Maatta is already a top 4 dman with a solid defensive game which Pouliot supposedly is weak at. And Sutter is kind if redundant considering we have Gaunce/Richardson so that makes me want Maatta that much more.

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Eddie Lack Trade:

Lack for Ryan Pulock or Ville Pokka and a 2nd round pick

I think we would have a better chance at Ville Pokka

No need to trade lack if we are beginning a rebuild. Lack is someone you want to keep moving forward. We have so many other assets that can moved before him, plus he's yet to hit his prime as well as his top value.

Like the proposals though.

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I can't see pitsb movin maata my friend untill since letang is hurt though, and I think if we could get something like Ryan Pulock for lack I dot know how anyone would be against it. We have Lui for an eternity locked in, I want to avoid the whole goalie controversy situation again and get max value for lack when we can, goalie trades are always strange anyways. I think He woul fit what NYI are looking for and they have the assets they could spare one of their budding d prospects. We still have joacim in Utica doing his thing, and this upcoming draft or next we can put a pick into a goalie.

If we were to add pokka/Pulock and Maata/Pouliot

Our future d core starts to look very exciting.

Tanev, corrado, Stanton, Pouliot/Maata, Pulock/Pokka, Hutton

With these guys all coming in gradually over the next 2-3 years

And transitioning with our current core of hammy garrison Bieksa

Than depnding on what we got for edler:

Ror, mantha or lazar plus Scherbak or whoever we draft and another pick from Detroit which would be another solid F.

Horvat, mantha/lazar, shinkarauk, Jensen, gaunce, Scherbak, whoever we take with the other pick, let's say Tuch

And our top 10 pick which I'm hoping will be Virtanen or Perlini or if he somehow fell or we rose Leon.

Our future would look

Very bright and very Canadian!

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I wouldn't give up that much for Kesler from Philly.

Simmonds has 31 points in his last 34 games and has been the most dominant player not named Giroux since the slow start.

Couturier's offensive game looks like its finally starting to develop and he always plays against opposing teams top lines because of his defensive game. Most reports already believe he is going to be a regular nominee for Selke Trophies in the near future.

Though I don't care much for this years 1st round pick as it will likely be late around some sketchy players.

I mainly don't see it being an upgrade for the Flyers. Simmonds has been the better offensively player and is as physically dominant and aggressive as Kesler. Couturier is not far off defensively. Both are notably younger than Kesler and on great contracts. Even just looking now in the moment I don't see that move making the Flyers that much better if at all. Both of those players are part of Philadelphia's core and doing their jobs great.

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