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[Game] Would you rather?


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I'm shocked no one has started this thread yet. It's a simple game. Just answer the last would you rather question posted, then list your own would you rather question for the person below you to answer.

I'll start off.

Would you rather sing the national anthem(s) at a packed canucks playoff game or do a nude scene in a blockbuster movie?

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One hour a week. I've been deaf in one ear before for quite sometime, and it's horrifying.

Would you rather die burning, or drowning. (Oooo, dark).

Die drowning.

Would you rather travel to the past or to the future?

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kill a random person

WYR be a cyborg or a zombie


Would you rather be a NHL player for 20 years or be an NHL Analyst for 20 years? (Don't forget to consider the amount of free time and publicity you have.)

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Nude scene in a blockbuster movie cause I'M GETTING PAID SON!

Lick moldy cheese between hobos toes or run down the beach naked for 1 minute?

Just wanted to say NHL anthem singers make like 3500-5000

dollars per game for singing anthems. Saw it somewhere in newspaper article. Just wanted to post that

Nhl analyst no doubt easier and I would find it a great job

Rather be naked at Christmas in yukon or dress like its -50 except u are in Australia summer in a dessert

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Since you never specified whether I have to be outside, definitely Yukon Christmas in the buff (why do half of these scenarios involve nudity?)

Rather bathe with fire ants for two hours or push your car from Vancouver to Anchorage?

Fire ants

Never pooped again or never pee again but still have that feeling like u have to go to the washroom.

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