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[Game] Fictional Line-up

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Hi guys! Summer is always a bit boring without our favourite sport, so I figured why not play a little game just for fun while we wait for the season to start. The game is simple but I think it could be fun. Perhaps "Around the Nhl" is the wrong part of the forum, but I couldn't find any better place to post this.

The task is to name seven fictional character, either from tv-series or movies. The characters is supposed to symbolise 1 goalie, 2 defenders, 1 center, 2 forwards and 1 coach if you'd like. And it would be even more fun if you motivated every player on your line-up.

And I guess I should start.

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Coach: Gandalf - Lots of experience, smart, acts good under pressure and makes people work hard, for example Frodo.

Goalie: The Flash - No one can score on the fastest guy in the universe.

Defeceman #1: The Hound from Game of Thrones - A big nasty, shutdown defenceman.No one will come near our zone with him at the back. And I'd guess he'd have a bomb of a shot with his strength.

Defenceman #2: Bane from Batman - This would be the meanest most tough defencepair in the universe.

Center: Aragorn - A smart man in the middle who takes his responsibilities. He's powerful and yet fast always good characteristics down the middle.

Left Wing: Obi-Wan Kenobi - A skilled man who's a great mentor for our young players.

Right Wing: Legolas - Of course Aragon should have his wingman, a true sniper.

So there you have my fictional line-up. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Legolas (sniper) - Jean Grey (telekinetic/ telepathic) - The Thing (strength, stamina, invulnerability)

Flash (PP QB/ rover) - Spider Man (defense)

Elastigirl (covers all that net)

Extra attacker:
Mystique (appears as other team's players to get them to give the puck away, and can attack while invisible)

backup goalie: Groot

Coach: Professor X (strategist, telepathic)

Neo (defensive specialist)

Hulk/ Bane (goon)

Hawkeye (another scorer)

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Batman - Johnny Canuck - Judge Dredd

Inspector Gadget - the friend zone guy from GoT

The Governor from Walking Dead

My coach is Illusive Man from Mass Effect. Martin Sheen is a natural born leader. My Assistant coach is the dragon girl from game of thrones to motivate the friend zone guy.

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