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  1. I'd honestly be super disappointed if we lost Demko, even with markstrom finally becoming the goalie everyone knew he'd be.
  2. Parayko is good but definitely not on that level...
  3. He couldn't replace him. Parayko is good but not quite at his level. Big physical defenseman also have a much shorter shelf life.
  4. How bout that Kole Lind kid though eh...lol
  5. Honestly yes. If we can get a first then that changes but that's tough
  6. I totally get your point but at the end of the day I'd rather keep his experience, leadership, even with the injury risk for a playoff run (get the young guys some experience of what it's gonna be like) then move him for what he would he would fetch on the market. Sutter is in the same boat, I'd rather just keep him regardless of his injury history. I'm sure this is the same issue JB is having. Id love to see tan man back even tbh.
  7. Ya tanev has had alot of injuries but I'd only be worried if they were different kids of injuries. I'd rather keep him for a playoff run and try to resign. It's not much of a gamble. We know he will put his body on the line every game, something we need desperately.
  8. He's a difference maker for sure. We aren't just gambling on one person, it's the whole team. He's an integral part of this team.
  9. Ya we are in a crap division but we should not trade tanev. Even if we don't have a team to go far, even reaching the playoffs (2nd round would be sick) would be absolutely amazing for our young guys development. Ya we have have had stellar goaltending, because our goalies are that good. You are talking like our success is just luck, it really isn't, we are a playoff team and we need to get in to see what it takes to go far.
  10. Are you just looking at numbers? I feel like your insight is extremely shallow and constantly negative.
  11. Well he can always get better but I wouldn't say hes bad in his own end at all. He's been somewhat solid in my opinion.
  12. Well ya, I totally agree. +/- it's a stat that shouldn't have that much sway at all ...he also said Washington was out of the playoffs and that ovechkins +/- plays a part... Lol
  13. Dude what are you even on about lol
  14. He's back in the AHL again! Hopefully he can continue climbing!
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