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  1. Parayko is good but definitely not on that level...
  2. He couldn't replace him. Parayko is good but not quite at his level. Big physical defenseman also have a much shorter shelf life.
  3. Well he can always get better but I wouldn't say hes bad in his own end at all. He's been somewhat solid in my opinion.
  4. Well ya, I totally agree. +/- it's a stat that shouldn't have that much sway at all ...he also said Washington was out of the playoffs and that ovechkins +/- plays a part... Lol
  5. Dude what are you even on about lol
  6. Imagine if we renamed every thread according to what everyone was talking about....there'd be hundreds of +/- thread titles. Lol
  7. No. Lol giving up a guy who is near ppg at 22 is a bad idea. Especially if we are just crossing our fingers that they actually become NHL players.
  8. The +/- hubbub needs to stop. It's a dumb stat.
  9. Woah Woah Woah lol he's not our second best offensive defenseman. He's been in the AHL all year, relax lol. What he's doing deserves a call up for sure but be patient.
  10. At least you're good for a laugh sometimes lol. Im concerned for your mental health if you fully believe what you write haha.
  11. Im gonna have to agree. You need to make the high % plays, it's just a bit too risky at that moment and in that position. He's young though.
  12. I wouldn't rule out the potential of DiPietro going to the coast.
  13. Let the kid play heavy minutes until he's needed. He will likely be up and down a bit all year, he will get time with the big club don't worry.
  14. On point. It's a huge culture and lifestyle shock. All of a sudden you are in charge of your own food, groceries, training... You have to hold yourself accountable. We are too hard on these kids, give them a few years to adjust to being an adult... Virtanen is a great example.
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