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  1. Or maybe something like this: To Vancouver: Jones Jenner To Columbus: Raymond Ballard 3rd
  2. I'm just waiting for Edler to score a goal, he's been stuck at 99 for more than a year
  3. I think the whole "the new generation is dumb" is a narrative constructed by older people to make them feel better as their knowledge loses value. Previously "intelligence" was often synonymous with knowing a lot, this is no longer the case, as everyone has the entirety of the internet at their disposal at all times, so being able to rattle off the capital cities of all European countries is no longer valued, as you can just Google the information if you were to need it. Another thing is that as society changes different information is valued, most younger people (that I know anyways) do not know as much about birds as older people do, but all young people can do their taxes online and will not accidentally lose all their money since they gave a sketchy website their credit card info.
  4. The Luongo thing is so damn weird. First off the contract wasn't illegal at the time, secondly all teams signed front loaded contracts, yet we're the only team that gets punnished. But yeah, after this season Pettersson and Hughes are gonna cost at least $12 million more per year, so any cap relief we get is gonna get eaten up by them. Also, I don't trust Benning to manage our cap moving forward considering his history.
  5. Not according to CDC, we've got at least five bad contracts (Eriksson, Myers, Roussel, Beagle, Sutter), but people still think Benning is a good GM.
  6. I think it means that he stops 100 % of the shots against, and for 99 % of those shots the save results in a goal for his team, pretty pretty good...
  7. Oh, I bet he would if he had the say around the league.
  8. I'd even argue that he's done more damage than Messier did. There was no salary cap back then, plus we got Bertuzzi in the Linden trade.
  9. Nicklas would have won the Norris in his 20s had been named Lindsay instead of Lidström and born in Abbotsford instead of Avesta. It's crazy to think that he managed to win seven Norrises when he got his first at age 30. He was a trail blazer in a way Bourque never was; he the first European to captain his team to a Cup and the first European to win the Conn Smythe. Bourque is 10 years older than Lidström, so when you're talking about his 2001 season (first team all star), you've gotta compare it to Lidström's 2011 season, where he won the Norris (you can of course make the case that he didn't deserve to win it that year, but at least he wasn't miles worse than Bourque at the same age.) Lidström won four Stanley Cups to Bourque's one, you can argue that he had better teams, but then again, he managed to win with them. He's also a member of the Trippel Gold Club, something Bourque is not. Ray played during a much higher scoring era, that explains his better counting stats. Lidström >> Bourque.
  10. Not having Lidström in your top two should be considered a federal felony.
  11. The last thing Benning should do is go out and sign a bunch of guys. Eriksson, Beagle, Rousell, Myers and Sutter are costing us now. We don’t need any more horrible deals.
  12. Haven’t watched that show in forever so I’d forgotten how bad it was. Man the dialog is so unnatural and none of the jokes are even remotely funny. How could this catch on?
  13. Man I was so bummed out when CoHo was traded; I remember CDC going down for several hours.
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