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[Value of] Kevin Bieksa

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If Bieksa gets traded I'd like to see him go to TOR.

TOR: Bieksa, Richardson

VAN: Franson, Santorelli + conditional pick if Franson isn't re-signed.


No just because of how embarrassing it would be to trade for a player we give up for nothing, and to have the other guy not re-sign.

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I know he has a NTC and really likes it here, but hypothetically what would you expect in return for him?

First, to me your thread implies that the Canucks are going to be out of the playoffs. I don't otherwise see them wanting to trade Bieksa. It also imples that the other team is calling the Canucks about a trade, not the other way around.

Second, a re-building team won't necessarily want older players with higher cap hits (even if it is fairly reasonable), and Bieksa would likely not waive to go to such a team. Bieksa would have to be going to a contending team.

Third, this contending team won't necessarily want to part with their better roster players as they would be needed for their own Cup run. So any type of veteran player will have a bad contract, be having an off (last couple of) years, and/or be on their final year.

So, the return would have to be mostly for prospects/picks and a cap dump of some sort to make life easier for Bieksa's new team.

To "new team" - Bieksa,

To the Canucks - high d-man prospect, high pick (3rd+)*, cap dump contract (forward is possible, but a d-man is more likely)

*If the other team doesn't want to unload a cap dump then the level of the pick could be lowered (3rd or lower).

Even at this, when you consider the market, I see the other team is getting a bargain.



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Bieksa has a full NTC. I don't see him waiving it. If he were to waive it though, I think we could get something decent from a team like Florida or Anaheim that doesn't spend to the cap. His cap hit is 4.6M but his actually salary this year is 4m. 1m of that is a signing bonus which we've already paid, and we've already paid half of the 3m he is owed this season. His salary for next year is 2.5m, no signing bonus.

I think a team that is looking for a defensemen, values his low salary, and is looking for physicality and character would give up something decent for him.

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Yeah, Bieksa offers leadership and a low salary but you also have to take his play into account.

He's not getting much atm. He'll fetch lower than most offers in this thread.

And if he continues to play like this, he'll just turn into another Booth (maybe worse considering that he seems comfortable here in VAN and probs won't even waive his NTC).

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