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(proposal) Canucks and Coyotes

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If Benning is really serious about giving the core a push why not pick up a player to do that.

Currently the rumours are:

Canucks want a top 6 player.

Canucks don’t want to give up youth

Canucks don’t want a rental

Canucks want to get younger

*Canucks need a player with size in there top 6

*Canucks need a true leader that is willing to go to war for his team

*Canucks need a strong leader player to mentor there youth

* = Personal opinion

It has been evident for a long time and last night was a great example that this team is not strong enough. Sedins were lying on the ice more than Raymond, any battle they got in they seemed to always end up on their backs looking up at the ducks player.

Canucks have always had a ton of skill, the problem is good teams know how to box out that skill. Canucks don’t have that player that is willing to break that perimeter wall and pay the price to get that garbage goal. The type of player that knows how to show up in playoffs and wills his team to win.

So my proposal, (actually “Tas” proposal) that I’m stealing.

Lack, Higgins and a pick/prospect for…

Shane Doan

At first people will look at his cap hit and his age and say no thanks (I expect a lot of people won’t get past this fact) but, If Benning is serious about giving this team the best shot, he is exactly the type of player we need. The value allows us to only trade away “our” expendable pieces so we don’t mortgage our future to get him

Shane Doan

Plays big, gritty, a true leader, and can still put up points (27 in 45 gp).

He’s not a rental, and still has another year on his contract.

He’d be a perfect mentor for both Kassian, and Horvat.

Likely looking to win a cup before he retires.

He would fit perfectly in our top 6, and he’s a natural right wing to boot.

His contract expires at the end next season (same as Vbrata) so he fits this teams closing window timeline perfectly. In 2016 canucks will have 10+ million in cap space to spend.

Arizona considers this because….

The main piece Arizona gets back it Lack. Smith has not been good this year and hopefully has a bounce back year next year. If not Lack will be there to push him for his spot. Best case scenario is Lack over takes Smith and Arizona then can look for deals for Smith. Higgins is nothing more than a role player that evens out the cap. The pick/prospect is the choice of the Coyotes. The pick could be as high of value as a 2nd or the a prospect that is outside of the canucks top 5.

Trading Doan and likely Vermette at the trade deadline gives Arizona some cap relief as well as it puts them right in contention for the McDavid sweepstakes. The type of player that can save a franchise. It also saves them cap space to throw some money at the raise Yandle will be looking for in the offseason. Realistically the Coyotes would be looking for a 1st round pick if they dealt Doan, but considering his NMC, age, and cap hit, it would put Arizona is a difficult place to bargain.

2 years ago a upcoming UFA Jagr was dealt from Dallas to Boston for a conditional 2nd round pick and 2 prospects. Value wise it’s about the same considering Jagr was UFA and Doan is not.

Outside of greatly overpaying there are not a lot of options that canucks can pick up to really give this team an advantage come post season. Doan in the top 6 greatly improves this team and doesn’t cost us our future to acquire.

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How are we getting younger with Doan? The man is 38.

If anything I'd rather get Hanzal. He's only 27, definitely has size and physicality and his contract hit is $3.1 M per for a couple more years, which is quite palatable.

Hanzel although, yes, younger and cheaper is not likely on the trading block. Doan who is at the end of his career is probably wanting one last kick at the can and Arizona isn’t going to give that to him.

It’s not just about the cap hit and age, it all about the intangibles that Doan could provide for this team. The western Canadian type leadership that this team hasn’t had since Linden. It’s really about giving the core it’s best shot at going all in without having to sell the farm.

With only 1 and a half years left on his contracts the only real long term implications are the mentoring he’d have on our future players. But short term he gives this team exactly what they need.

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A. OP, you're right, I can't get past the fact of Doan's age and cap hit. imo Canucks should not trade ANYTHING of value for him, despite the fact he's still a good player. Not Lack. Not Higgins. Definitely not a pick or prospect.

B. OP, how do you square your proposal with both Linden and Benning having said-throughout the season and definitely recently-that they aren't going to trade prospects or picks for older players?

C. We don't know details of Higgins modified ntc, but it seems unlikely to me he'd choose Arizona as a team he's willing to move to.

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