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Which teams are considered premium teams season tickets?


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I purchased half a set of season tickets from my buddy, and you guys helped me select which seats to take which I appreciate. Now that the schedule is released, we are going to do a draft on the games.

Being an absolutely new season ticket owner, I have no idea which teams are considered the premium teams and I'm wondering which teams are considered the premium teams to draft first?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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top tier -


then -

EDM with mcjeses/divisional

PIT with crosby

WAS with ovechkin


MIN/COL/SJS are divisional

then -

WPG/DAL are fun


anything but-


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I would list the following games as the top 10 games by demand/price for the 15/16 season.

1) Toronto - Sat.Feb 13.2016
2) Chicago - Sat.Nov.21.2015
3) Edmonton - Sat.Dec.26.2015
4) Montreal - Web.Oct.27.2015
5) Calgary - Sat.Oct.10.2015 (Home Opener)
6) Boston - Sat.Dec.05.2015
7) Pittsburgh - Wed.Nov.04.2015
8) Chicago - Sun.Mar.27.2016
9) Calgary - Sat.Feb.06.2016
10) Edmonton - Sat.Apr.09.2016

The first 3 games are the big ones by far. Toronto always is in huge demand, Chicago on a saturday night as returning cup champs, and Edmonton on boxing day which also happens to be a Saturday night is huge. Everyone will want to go to that boxing day game, especially with mcdavid probably playing. The Montreal game is also always popular but it's on a Wednesday, and the home opener is good too.

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