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A time to reflect! (Discussion) (Long read)


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Well, I lost some of the formatting in the posting process, but color in the players as you see fit, to their current projections and what they have done in the past year...it is not so rosy............I will try and fix the color by editing.........bleak picture in my opinion.

NHL Players Rankings Propsect Rankings NHL Draft Picks

Horvat B C 20 yrs Virtanen J RW 18 2016 1st Rd 10th OA 16

Sedin H C 34 yrs Baertschi S LW 22 2016 2nd Rd 40th OA 16

Sediin D LW 34 yrs McCann J C 19 2016 4th Rd 100th OA 16

Vrbata R RW 34 yrs Cassels C C 20

Bonino N C 27 yrs Broeser RW 17 2017 1st Rd 10th OA 15

Kassian Z RW 24 yrs Kenins R LW 24 2017 2nd Rd 40th OA 15

Burrows A RW 34 yrs Shinkaruk H LW 20 2017 3rd Rd 70th OA 15

Higgins C LW 32 yrs Gaunce B C/LW 21 2017 4th Rd 100 OA 15

Dorsett D RW 28 yrs Grenier A RW 23

Hansen J RW 29 yrs Jensen N LW 22

Vey L RW 23 yrs Fox D LW 21

McMillan C 25 yrs

Edler A L 29 Corrado F 22

Tanev C R 25 Clendening 22

Hamhuis D L 32 Subban J 20

Sbisa L R 25 Brisebois G 17

Bieska K L 34 Hutton B 21

Weber Y R 26 Pedan A 21

Stanton R 25 Cedarholm A 20

Miller R 34 Demko 19

Markstrom J 25 Cannata J 25

1st line - top D pair 2nd line - 2nd pairing 3rd line - 2nd pairing

4th line - 3rd pairing black are fringe NHLer

Sorry just a mess.............but rate everyone including future draft picks and you will get an idea about which direction we are going!

It looked great in excell

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This past year and this years draft remind me of 2 kids at the playground sitting in the middle of a see-saw and going no where, it's only the kids on the ends that have ups and downs and actually doing something.

Now, Benning panics because he had no choice and trades Lack for a 3rd and a 7th............a 7th? Why even take it? If he would not have shot his mouth off, setting the bar himself for Lacks Value, he night have gotten more.

You don't go around saying all you want is a 2nd and then letting/showing you are desperate to make a trade, because if you don't someone will walk! IF Lack was only worth a 3rd, then Markstrom was worth less, and we should have let Markstrom walk or tried to get him back to the AHL, and so what if he didn't make it, the NHL deemed his value as worthless or close to it.

Either it was poor negotiating, poor planning, or there are many CDC who over value our talent (Me included). Imagine, the difference between Schnieder and Lack is 57 spots on a draft board...........that is a sh*t load of difference........a third, just disgusts me.....we sould have let Markstrom walk and Benning should have just faced the music instead of compounding the error.

I just want to puke! Lack = Vey..........Really? Lack< Baertschi? ...............Really?

Benning actually has a plan and he's carrying it out. He's doing what he has to do and he isn't worried if the fans will be upset in the short term. There is no panic going on except by fans who's expectations have been pumped up to unrealistic levels by the media.

What Benning is guilty of is saying too much. This is where his inexperience in the big chair shows. Over time, he will say less.

If you consider Bennings entire body of work as the Canucks GM, how can you complain? He is doing an amazing job. Nobody wins on every deal and is able to make things happen every time they want to. Over all, I am totally happy.

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We should have blown this up years ago, but I think it's pretty clear by now that ownership is not prepared to take the financial losses they figure they'll take during a true rebuild.


The irony is that the potential for getting younger faster with high picks would probably sell more tickets in this market than watching what's happening to this team now. Our fans are not stupid and I believe a faster rebuild with deeper cuts would be accepted and get people excited, even if it meant struggling to make the playoffs for a couple of years.

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Well, we are likely to have a high pick next year as we are probably bottom three in the Western Conference as it stands.

Need to ship out valuable pieces for decent picks, but doing so requires acceptance that we just ain't a playoff team. I think the fanbase accepts it and understands that sucking hard for a few years is necessary if you want to win a cup (with the exception of Detroit and Boston (kinda), all other winners since the salary cap came in have had numerous recent top 6 5 picks on their cup winning rosters). It's up to ownership and management to accept it.

If we try for the playoffs, we'll have the 9th pick next year. If we face reality, we could have 4th and at least two more firsts through trades.

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Just for the record I see no Blue-starters-aka 1st liners, in the prospects part except for Demko

To me that is not good!

And you think the are going to just magically appear! lol

What are you going to say if our prospects turn out for the better.? You have no idea do you! Did you complain this much when Quinn and Burke were GM in their first year?

You expect Benning to magically turn this franchise around in just one year!! I'm pretty sure the rest of the league knew the goaltending situation in Vancouver . So you think we got a better deal when Gillis traded two goaltenders for only a first for Schnieder and Mathuis and Markstrom for Loungo? Look at it this way Janis maybe Benning wouldn't be put in that situation had Gillis only traded only one goaltender.

Janis instead of complaining why don't you apply for the Gm's job if you think its that easy to make deals and trades. Better yet if you think your better at scouting why don't you do a list of players for us before next year's draft on who the Canucks should take at their draft position and will compare the players developement down the road.

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The owner wants the team to be competitive. Linden and JB have planned to rebuild/re-tool on the fly and keep us in the hunt for the playoffs.

The boys are doing a pretty decent job. People need to chill out and let it all play out before crying. There's still lot's of time.

Buncha whiny babies

This my friend was a fantastic post!.

I live in Chilliwack and I can hear the whining and crying. This is what happens in the off season people.

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