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[Report] Patrick Marleau would accept a trade to Rangers, Ducks or Kings

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I think this is a power trip by Marleau here. He knows he has full choice of where he wants to go, and I think he's reminding Wilson of that. The Sharks would never trade him to the Kings or Ducks, and there's no way the Rangers can afford him. This just a screw you to Wilson. 

Wilson readily re-signed both Thornton and Marleau. Paid them lots and gave them NMC's. Rather than let them go UFA.

Sounds like Wilson really intended to sign them, so he could get some assets back at some point.? He pressed Jumbo Joe last year. Now he seems to be pressing Patty this year...

And its in character for Wilson. He routinely did what CDC often calls for; he routinely traded guys before their value completely expired. Often right before their still fresh date expired. Ryan Clowe, Martin Havlat, Danny Heatley, Devin Setoguchi, Douglas Murray...

But Thornton and Marleau seem to like it in the hills overlooking the bay?


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So basically the same teams everyone says they want to be traded to.


is it the cities, or the teams in those cities that attract these guys?  How come guys never have Vancouver on their lists?  I can see that not wanting to go to other places, but why not here?

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Didn't know Wilson transitioned to center, thought Ribeiro still played 2C there. Anyway, he would be a great add to their top 6.

Forsberg - Fisher - Neal

Marleau - Wilson - Smith

Legit top 6.

I'm not entirely too sure about their lineups but I'm thinking not just this season but next season as well. I don't think Ribeiro will be back if they take on Marleau's 6 million cap hit.

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