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Help me find a song


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Ok this song has a voice that sort of sounds like... you know when you slow down music and the voice goes lower? K it sounds like that and it goes between that and a higher pitch I think, like it speeds up. 

I think it's a recent song but the melody parts sort of sound like it's from the disco or just after post disco era, the song does seem like an era mashup kind of song.

I used to hear it all the time at work but because of the noise at work I was never able to make out what the lyrics were so I really can't give you much except I think they might say something like, I got something new or I have something to do over and over again, and the highpitch voice sounds like its saying, my bad, my bad, my bad, my bad. 

If it helps any, I could hear the song being played briefly during the new years fireworks from London.

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