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  1. That was the game we pulled Luongo and Raycroft beat his old team yeah?
  2. Starting to wonder if Jack Eichel is a giant locker room cancer and these are the real Sabres.
  3. Yeah, I honestly don't understand why that colour was chosen in the first place.
  4. Just so tired of this perimeter offense, can we please fire Green and get Burrows in before someone else gets that idea into their head?
  5. Yeah I've been pleasantly surprised, their intermission people suck harsh, but the announcers are good.
  6. Meh, they were trying to get to the end of the period so as to have a full uninterrupted powerplay, I thought it was good strategy.
  7. Graysmith is nothing but an attention whore hack who dragged Arthur Leigh Allen through the mud constantly simply because of the amount of circumstantial evidence that supported it and to sell his book. I'm not saying Allen isn't the killer, he's probably the most likely, but even then the amount of actual hard evidence against him is next to nothing, especially considering the police sketch of the likely Paul Stine killer looks nothing like him.
  8. Panama Papers led to nothing, doubt this will either.
  9. Interesting to know the difference though, I'd say Jordan's was self inflicted, if he's talking first retirement. Tiger, well for obvious reasons, but then he did the whole infidelity thing and well, he didn't really overcome that now did he? Kobe, one where you look at the guy and think, well, there's a POS who I couldn't care less about. Brady is an interesting one because he was always overshadowed in the regular season by Manning or someone else, and I dare say, choked quite a few times as well... 18-1.
  10. Well at least he did dumb s--- when they arrived which likely didn't delay much instead of before taking off which causes everyone to be unhappy.
  11. If we're basing it off what these team needs right now then it's Mattias Ohlund hands down.
  12. We won that game and humiliated them pretty bad if I remember correctly.
  13. I like your altruism but I only give to the Salvation Army because of how much of my money actually goes to charity work.
  14. I was unemployed at the time napping on the couch, my wife, then fiancé called and said something is happening in New York but she don't know what. She works in the travel industry so she saw a warning on her screen but didn't really know what was happening. I turned the TV on and I think at that time the first tower had just fell. First thing I did was call my parents back in Vancouver who were just waking up, I told them to turn on any news channel.
  15. How was that myth started cause I remember thinking the same thing.
  16. I wonder how that works, I mean, do they even have the systems in place to bar people from playing games offline? Guess some old systems that don't require an internet connection will be worth their weight in gold. Can you imagine... well Steam's finally done updating... wait I only have 5 minutes left to play...?!
  17. I think it's because a lot of people out there would like to be the one to take him out. Keeping him locked up isn't about protecting society from him, but him from society. Someone could knock him off, a ton of people will call that person a hero and they likely walk after a year.
  18. It's kind of strange because they've never really had a player who was considered the best in the league at his position for a long period of time. Maybe Leetch 94-97? Brett Hull doesn't really count for me he's a 50/50.
  19. Serious question, how are the people who are both nature lovers and pro open borders going to be able to reconcile the eventual conundrum that is the continued deforestation and encroachment that these people will require? Since when did movies like Soylent Green become a handbook and not a warning?
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