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Do you think the Canucks need new DJs or do they need a new playlist?


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What is it going to take for them to renew their playlist?


It's not that their songs are bad, but they are extremely overplayed.


Hearing the same organ songs also don't help.


I thought the new DJs would be able to please everyone, but I think they just bore them. Is it because we are restricted on playing certain songs?

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36 minutes ago, The 5th Line said:

Everything about Rogers arena is cheesy and lame.  Worst barn in the league

Now now now, We Do have those 'cool' lights on the glass that light up .......I remember when that was the big selling point.

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1 minute ago, Twilight Sparkle said:

i think that may be "too hard core" for the younger listeners... Dido?

I was thinking Cobra Starship!


1 minute ago, Alain Vigneault said:

mfw Modest Mouse and the YYYs are in the same echelon as Nickelback and ToaD



You're right. Replace them with Radiohead

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3 minutes ago, stonecoldstevebernier said:

I'll just say this... there are few things more depressing that hearing "VANCOUVER... TURN DOWN FOR WHAT" and watching a half-filled crowd of bored middle aged people sit completely still in their seats as the Canucks blow a third period lead.

Why can't we have fans like in the Madhouse of Chicago?

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