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Hobby Wood/Metal Shops?


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29 minutes ago, chon derry said:

Lol scratch classes....just for fun 

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17 minutes ago, Armada said:

Offer someone on craigslist a few bucks to show you what to do. That's how a friend of mine learned how to weld. 

I know how to do it the basics, welded a mini chopper frame in school.  Just haven't done it since high school and wana do it again for fun.

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25 minutes ago, JV77 said:

Lol scratch classes....just for fun 

Your probably going to have a hard time finding something like that now.

Your best bet would be to find a company/person that makes speciality items and has the right owner who'll appreciate your intrest if your very serious about it.

Most of those shops your reffering to specialize in construction..it's not like back in the day In which everything (toys,furniture.etc) was made local.



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BCIT has great metal fabrication teachers. Pre app metal fab course will teach you the basics.  How to use machines, grinders, layout, basic fabrication math, print reading and a bit of welding.  

It is a 6 month class I believe.  

Pretty big course for a hobbiest tho. 


If you just want to tinker around at home and build on skills, get a little mig welder and google stuff.   


The course isn't neccesarry tho.  

The apprenticeship is basically a math class with a shop/redneck twist.  

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