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(Proposal) Vancouver <~> Toronto

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To Vancouver Canucks:

Nazem Kadri


To Toronto Maple Leafs:

Philip Larsen


Why Vancouver does this?

- Kadri is a decently skilled centre who can hit other team's star players.

- We are in need of a middle 6 centreman.

- A bridge player, if you will.
- He would be leading the team in goals.

- With the emergence of our new young defensemen, guys like Larsen are singled out.


Why Toronto does this?

- Larsen is the offensive defenseman they've been lacking.

- Quick, agile, and skilled; perfect for the East.

- Rumours circulating that Kadri is sick of Toronto, so he took it out on Daniel.

- It would make it awkward in the Vancouver dressing room.

- Auston Matthews requested for Kadri's departure.

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