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Can the Canucks still compete for a playoff spot ?


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Before the second wave of injuries, they had a chance.

When it was 'just' one of their top D - Edler, Tanev, Gudbranson - they were sustaining quite well.  When it was 'just' Dorsett and Sutter, they were managing.


But when you overlap with multiples of losses at positions - Sutter and Horvat, Tanev and Gudbranson, Dorsett and Baertschi....it gets ridiculous - and this has been happening for years consecutively....


They were better prepared - deeper in both veterans and youth throughout the lineup - so they managed quite well with 'only' a few key losses.


But right now I think it's just way too much - and whether or not they get healthy in a month or two - that is simply too long of a stretch with the number of good teams there are in the NHL - 10 or more games in the shape they're currently in and you're on the borderline of a write-off season.   Realistically, I think that's where they are given how long they've been and will be without key players at key positions.


It sucks, but whatever, we'll have to take another good young player in the 1st, add some other good prospects throughout the draft, and move on.

But this year will be a great development opportunity regardless for guys like Pouliot, Virtanen, Gaunce, Boeser, Goldobin and others, so regardless, Green will make it a productive year and the team will have had a taste of what they're capable of.   Hopefully they can sustain their approach - of playing the right way - even if they're overmatched and not getting results - I think that's something that Green will also continue to instill.


They'll just stay the transition course.   They may move an Edler/Hutton and/or Vanek, they won't be buying any assets that don't fit in their future trajectory/timeline, and they'll do their best not to overexpose their youth - one of the benefits of having veterans around to take the brunt of it....

That said, you just never know - stranger things have happened, and the team has shown resiliencem, hard work and determination this year - combine that with excellent coaching and some health and you just never know.   Under the circumstances, I personally won't be expecting results however.

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