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[Proposal] Van - Tor

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Brock for Marner straight across. 


TO saves money on CAP this year and will probably cost less to sign Brock than Marner. They need up front scoring and Brock provides that on the wing. 


Van gets a playmaking winger and superstar that will cost more. But we are more flexible the next two years. Marner would get us further to the playoffs than Brock would. Sign him for maybe 11.5 the next 7 years. He will be worth the money. 


I am a huge Brock fan but a bigger Canucks fan. Flame away!

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I've thought of that myself, but imo no one is worth 11+ unless youre McDavid. I would give Marner currently 10 mill personally, but thanks to the Panarin sign he wouldnt take less then 11. 


Unfortunately we would have to add and send something back. Marner adds possibly an extra 20 to 30 points  currently compared to Brock when healthy. Would we rather have those 30 points or 3 to 4m in cap space

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The Panarin signing was bad for everyone. I honestly would add, but TO doesn’t have the CAP to take on someone else. I personally like to win, so I’d take the 30 points over the cap space. That’s the difference between winning games and making the playoffs in my opinion. The other problem would be we would need to clear up some room before a commitment like that can happen.

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Can't do it..can't deal with them collusive, eastern media-wh*res.


***********************Now if Brock was asking tooo much $, & would like to return home?*************


Zucker, Greenway, & 2020 1st, would prob be acceptable. I'd even consider throwing in Baer.


I'd like a big, ramblin' fwd like Greenway, attacking with Bo or EP.

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