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2007 CSL Entry Draft

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Teams have until the end of this entry draft to use their 20 free scouting reports from Season 1.


Teams must now use their perk points, they will go away after this entry draft is over. PM Nail with the perk selections you would like to pick.


If you want to choose the draft scouts perk: The request with the names of the prospects you would like to scout must be in my inbox before the end of Round 1. This is to ensure all teams are at an even playing level in terms of scouting.



  • Timer starts Sunday 9 AM PST (timer will start at 9 AM and end at 9 PM PST each night).
  • Offline draft.
  • 2 hour time limit per pick, or BPA.
  • 1 hour time limit if your last pick was skipped.
  • Please PM Spoder or Baer or AV or Nail or Kaz or anyone a list if you are worried about getting BPA'd.
  • Notify us if you just want to be given BPA, skipped, or have a list.
  • BPA can be switched to another player if the request is made within 30 minutes of the BPA.


If there's anything missing/wrong on the SS, please let me know. 


Try to have fun.



  • Hydration 1
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