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1 hour ago, smithers joe said:

i use to hate bullies until later on in my life i learned, they felt inferior and that they had to bring others down so they felt better about themselves. 

I've had the same realization. I often feel sorry for bullies more than angry these days, since I know there's usually a sad reason for their aggression.

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Beautiful post. I want us all to live in a world where we're all kind to each other by default.

The actions we make when we are young are normal and a part of our growing process to that point of unconditional kindness.

I will argue too, that we need to be a bit rash to eachother early on or we will never grow the thick skin necessary to handle everyday discussion. I'm not kidding.

I see the new generations coming up, and they are now being shamed upon any instance of ridicule or even just silly behavior. That is also not a good thing either.

This turns youth into authoritarians, as we're starting to see these days.

I guess the point is we always want to head in a seemingly better direction, but it is possible we go too far.

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