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WCQF: (3) Dallas Stars vs. (6) Calgary Flames | Stars win series 4-2

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2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs | Round 1  

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2 hours ago, DarkIndianRises said:

I agree that Markstrom loves it here, but so did Christian Erhoff, and Erhoff left once Buffalo made him an insane offer.


Markstrom loves it here, but what if a team like Calgary (or some other team that received less than stellar goaltending in the playoffs) makes him an 8 million dollar offer or something and it makes Markstrom stop to think?


My point, is that perhaps the Canucks should try and avoid a situation like that altogether and take a proactive stance.   Give Marky his 6 by 6 right now and be done with it.

Marky just seems more loyal than that. We have a mutual respect here in that he's grown his game here, but it's to do with us being patient with him and having a development path for him. He's a Swede that has seen how the Swedes are treated and viewed here.


I'm certain that we have put an offer on the table already. But surely his agent is probably telling Marky to hold off on signing it. Benning wants to make it work and so does Marky, it's just the sleazy agent in the middle. At the end of the day though, like the Edler situation, when being here is very important, they will make it work.

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I think with the flat cap and Bobrovsky no team is going to pay a goalie crazy money. Term perhaps but not money. 


Holtby has a cap hit of 6.1 million. So I don't think Markstrom is going to get more than Holtby 

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