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They hate Burt and something weird.

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Dumb Nuck

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Stumbled upon this, garbage journalism, if you could call it that, but weird offer.





EDIT: Can someone fix my SP.

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It’s a trash news source ran by left wing hipsters. Some of the $&!# they’ve written about is pure propaganda. The writer knows nothing about hockey. To say he’s one of the most hated Canucks is the exact opposite of the truth. I doubt the writer knew anything about Todd before he scrolled by him on the website. Pure garbage

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they're correct. he is absolutely one of the most hated Canucks of all time -- just, not necessarily by Canucks fans. which they didn't claim, anyway. 


but yeah, him saying he was going to move back to Canada if trump lost/biden won kinda tells me everything I need to know about the guy as a human being. 

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