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Sooooo uh, lets win ?

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To Colorado 

miller 50% retained 



To van 




to Seattle 

15th overall 

2nd 2023

Tyler Myers 



To van  

4th overall 



to philly 



to van 

couturier 50% retained 



Draft nemec 


Sign claude giroux 2 years

Sign Connor Murphy 3 years 

Sign edler 2 years 

resign hunt 1 year 

resign Richardson 1 year 



landeskog petey podz

hoglander bo giroux

Pearson couturier highmore

Locky/dicky Lammy Richardson/sutter


huggy schenn 

oel Murphy 

edler dermott


rathbone woo

hunt poolman 







Please rip it apart 


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If the conventional wisdom of whoever got the better player wins the trade, then for all the proposed trades in the OP, we'd have lost every. single. one. of. them.  Period. .


I get that people want to trade away all the presumed pariahs for shiny new things, but sometimes the best move is no move, especially if the move you want to make doesn't help the team in the short or long term.

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