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2022 Training Camp Thread

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27 minutes ago, JM_ said:

has to be a cap thing for today. 

Absolutely right, Unless someone is hurt in practice, Klim won't play. This is just to maximize cap-related benefits. It has nothing to do with the relative performance of Karlsson and Klim. It will be interesting to see who plays with Petey and Kuz on Wednesday. Boeser will presumably play with Miller and and Pearson. Does Hogz play with Petey and Kuz? Bruce has studiously avoided that seemingly obvious line combination throughout training camp.


And congrats to Canucks for being the all-time cap compliance champs, getting Ferland's full 3.5 million in LTIR. That presumably was the benefit of papering Karlsson the Abby and papering Klim up.

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I know, it probably will not happen, but I sure would like to see Klim battling McDavid; more of a preseason type thing though.


Management seems to have nailed the timing v/v backdating the injuries etc. too.


(No comments like, "we ran out of time" type stuff.  Sorry JB, I liked you, but these guys are All-Pro and deep at every position.)

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57 minutes ago, Dr. Crossbar said:



I'd still like to get a working version of 'Mule' just to twig what I wasted weekends on, on an 8K machine (yes kiddies 8K total).

Then the Commodore 64 was the next big deal.

Then an IBM 8828 until a Pentium and the original 'Civilization' on 5 or 7 3.5" floppies.

I once played Civilization 36 hours straight; I don't know if I have ever recovered.

e.g. I'd do it again... I think.


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17 minutes ago, Muttley said:

                                  2021  2022   /  2022  2023                                        

Projected Cap Hit $86,000,000 $71,012,084






2024 ^^^ 







Petey raise

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