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2022 Training Camp Thread

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-Vintage Canuck-

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11 minutes ago, Dazzle said:

I like your posts and I think your positivity is much needed for a forum that appears to capitalize on negativity. That being said, you don't agree with his opinion, so why does he have to "grow up"? Why is he a punk and coward?


This forum has honestly seen better days. I just can't believe the posts from people that think this is a top tier team. I'm not a negative nancy, and I'll still watch this team with hopeful optimism, but come on. :rolleyes:


I also think the straight to DVD-esque filmmaking is unnecessary, just like how Toronto got its own film. These are teams that are just grasping for attention. You can still market the team about players and their lives, but not have this cheesy production. I don't think there's anything wrong with criticizing how they are handling stuff. Like you, I just want to watch hockey. I don't need a Mighty-Ducks esque film to make me feel good about this team.

I’ve always really appreciated your post / unbiased opinions, but there are way too many on here that are full of hate / negativity! And, this is a prime example…negativity / hate over a puppy….is this for real?!?! A puppy!!!!! People need to find hobbies / other stuff to do instead of being on here all day / everyday spewing hate / negativity! Honestly, I respect you / your posts…I have for a long time, but I’m beyond done with the crap on 

here. If I get banned at this point, so be it!! Peace & respect my friend!!!

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17 minutes ago, IRR said:

Dude…..you are a f’n punk / coward!!!!! Grow the f**** up!!! People like you are one of the reasons people struggle to like this forum!! 

Either you are ignorant or you are trolling people…either way you are a f’n immature clown!! Grow the f up! 

No one struggles to like this forum except you apparently.


Have you tried anger management?

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1 hour ago, EddieVedder said:

Not a dog person but thats cool they did that. 

Should honour Ryp permanently somehow though.  No one had a heart like him.  Get chills every time I think about the effort, the drive, the fire and fight he had every single shift.  

colour me unsurprised. 

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1 hour ago, lmm said:

there is a cat on my lap right now, but no

I go both ways with cats and dogs


just think its another silly Canuck distraction/marketing ploy


do you really think I'd jump on board if it was a kitten instead?



dunno man, its just a cute puppy video, not practice. 

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9 minutes ago, Locke Lamora said:

Pretty easy to spot folks who are probably quite miserable in their everyday lives by their posts on a hockey forum. I mean, Ryp the Pup is probably the most innocuous thing you could come up with, yet on CDC some folks feel compelled to spin a negative narrative around it. Pretty much seen everything on this forum now, lol. 

A million percent!! I don’t get it?! The fact that some are making an issue with a puppy says a tonne about them!!! A bunch of hateful, negative, miserable losers! This is why I put my puppies / dogs in general over people!!!!!

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3 minutes ago, Locke Lamora said:

Or….its a sign of a soft, Disney-fied organization!!!!!! :rolleyes:


All I can say is I’m glad the games are about to start. 

Really?! God forbid we love / enjoy both! What a f’n joke that some get upset over a puppy of all things! What a f’n joke!!! 

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1 hour ago, IRR said:

As if you can’t combine things in life and have some love / positivity!!! What a bunch of negative haters!! Wtf is wrong with a bunch of people / society?!?!?! F’n clowns / haters!!!!!

there will always be people looking for attention...this is a prime example, if you don't like it don't read or watch things that "PISS" you off or you think is irrelevant. Quite simple but will never reach 100% of people ever, this is the world we live in sadly social media is more harm than good imo...especially for kids

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