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Maple Leafs would like to congratulate @Mike Vanderhoek on his impressive run that ultimately ended in a CHAMPIONSHIP!.. NGL with that Ovechkin cap doing you no good in the playoffs I thought cards would be stacked against you. You definitely proved me wrong!


Would also like to that the exec group and agents for all of their hard work. I will say it's the smoothest I've seen this league run since I've been here, and a lot of that has to do with the hard work behind the scenes that none of us see and probably take for granted. It's not easy keeping 30 people happy, and I feel for the most part things ran like clockwork this season. If it wasn't for you guys, this wouldn't be possible!.. Would tag yall, but don't want to leave anyone out haha


Maple Leafs 2023 Draft Preview

The Maple Leafs entered this deep 2023 draft year with (I believe) just 1 or 2 picks. We moved out Kadri, worked the phones a bit and traded down multiple times to help gain more picks. We also made a move to get a mid 1st round pick, which we then traded back a bit to get yet another selection in the late 2nd round. After all these moves we sit with 12 2023 picks. 10 of which are between 41-74. Tomorrow could be a huge day for the future of this franchise. If we can hit on half of these picks it will help us remain competitive for years to come, and help us through the expensive extentions we will face in 3 years.


A look at how the team is shaping up heading into the draft.



E. Kane - C. McDavid - R. Smith

O. Palat - J. Hughes - D. Mercer

J. Vesey - XXXXXX - P. Kessel

XXXXXX - P. Stastny - XXXXXX



D. Nurse - Q. Hughes

L. Hughes - XXXXXX

B. Kulak - C. Miller 

J. Livingstone 


I. Samsonov 

C. Ingram 



K. Clifford - S. Carrick - L. Shaw

V. Koivunen - A. Gaudette - X. Bourgault

N. Pasic - R. Duran - F. Karlstrom

B. Murray - N. Smith - W. Lockwood

T. Wong - J. Slavin 


B. Hunt - M. Kessel 

B. Hutton - C. Corcoran

W. Kaiser - XXXXXX


E. Portillo

I. Fedotov 



M. Petrov 

D. Buchelnikov 



17, 41, 42, 44, 56, 66, 67, 71, 72, 73, 74, 100




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1 hour ago, ActionJax09 said:

I’m looking to move up from 25th overall to the 12-20 range. Assets to package with the 25th include:

Robby Fabbri

Emil Bemstrom

Samuel Fagemo

Sasha Chmelevski

Tyler Madden

Logan Hutsko

Mac Hollowell

Nicalus Beaudin

Zayde Wisdom

The 25th and any two of those guys for 12-20th

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Minnesota Wild Roster update heading into the draft and free agency 


Elias Lindholm - Alexander Barkov - Cole Caufield 

Matt Boldy - Robert Thomas - Troy Terry 

Philip Tomasino - Cole Perfetti - Connor Garland 

Mathias Macceli - Wyatt Johnston - Kirill Marchenko 

Dylan Guenther - Brendan Lemieux 


Thomas Chabot - ?

Adam Boqvist - ?

Ryan McDonaugh - Henri Jokijaru 




The Wild have about 15-20 million in cap space to work with, and we are looking for a high-end defenceman and goalie. We are willing to part ways with our first this year and top prospects for the right player. 

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SIGNING: The Minnesota Wild have re-signed RFA Grigori Denisenko to a three-year contract.


small.png: Grigori Denisenko - Three-year deal worth $4.5 million dollars ($1.5m per season).


arby18_ AGENCY

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SIGNING: The Ottawa Senators have re-signed RFA Jeremy Swayman to a two-year contract.


small.png: Jeremy Swayman - Two-year deal worth $5.5 million dollars ($2.75m per season).


arby18_ AGENCY

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A note for future reference!!


PLEASE!! Nobody make an attempt at being funny by telling people the wrong draft time.  It's confusing to some and has caused some issues with some people's scheduling.


The 2023 CDCGML Entry Draft is scheduled for 1:00pm Pacific time today. 


Also, the 2024 CDCGML Entry Draft is scheduled for 1:00pm Pacific time June 22nd, 2024.


Telling people the draft is ANY other time than this may lead to losing draft picks!  Don't mislead your fellow GMs!

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EXTENSION: The Montreal Canadiens have re-signed Roman Josi to a four year contract extension.


small.png Roman Josi: Four year deal worth $40m dollars ($10m AAV)

(Contract includes a full NMC in year one and a limited 15-team NTC in years 2-3)

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