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52 minutes ago, ThatMike said:

SIGNING: The Montreal Canadiens have signed Connor Bedard to a three-year entry level contract


small.png Connor Bedard: three year deal worth $11.325m dollars

($3.775m AAV - Base Salary of $950k + Bonuses)


So Snowflake was standing on stage with contract in hand when he made this pick?

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For not starting with any picks, we feel great about our players that we have selected for the Tampa Bay Lightning


D - Matthew Mania - 2nd Rd / 53rd OA

D - Andrew Strathmann - 4th Rd / 107th OA

C - Carey Terrance - 4th Rd / 124th OA


We feel as if these players should go higher then selected come the NHL draft next week, and we feel we have found some real gems! Congrats to the 3


Also big thanks to @canuck2xtreme for a smooth run draft!

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1 hour ago, ThatMike said:

SIGNING: The Montreal Canadiens have signed Connor Bedard to a three-year entry level contract


small.png Connor Bedard: three year deal worth $11.325m dollars

($3.775m AAV - Base Salary of $950k + Bonuses)


McDavid comparable noted

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LA Kings 2023 Draft Selections


49. Anton Wahlberg - C - Malmo (Sweden Jr)

58. Oscar Fisker Molgaard - C - HV 71 (Sweden)

103. James Malatesta - RW - Quebec (QMJHL) - 133 (CBJ) - 2021 Draft - 2023 Memorial Cup MVP

105. Dom Divincentiis - G - North Bay (OHL) - 207 (WPG) - 2022 Draft - 2023 OHL Goaltender of the Year

118. Gavin McCarthy - D - Muskegon (USHL)


We are very happy with this haul. We feel that the three selections from this upcoming draft were excellent value at the slots we took them, and we had Malatesta and Divincentiis pencilled in as prime overagers to target and we're thrilled to get them.


We moved the 10th overall selection and a few other pieces around over the past few weeks, and the result is two 2024 3rd round picks, prospects Jordan DumaisTy Nelson and Josh Bloom plus the five selections above. Our pipeline has sufficienctly been re-stocked and we're excited to have the playoffs be the goal in LA this coming season.


Thanks to @canuck2xtreme and @Relyt Krets and all of the CDCGML GM's for making this a great day.

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Well the draft started out pretty devastating for us. We moved out a couple of big pieces to get a specific guy. We felt he may fall to the 20s, so we moved down to 17 to get him, but he went 16 to the Blackhawks. Gulyayev was the only reason we really even entertained trading into the 1st round of the draft. However we are still VERY excited to get an offensive Dman in Lukas Dragicevic, and feel he will make me forget all about my mess up.


We are very pleased to present you with the 2023 Maple Leafs Draft class!


17. D Lukas Dragicevic (-)


41. F David Edstrom (+)


42. D Caden Price (+)


44. F Nick Lardis (+)


56. F Gavin Hayes (CHI)


66. F Jesse Kiiskinen (=)


67. D Tristan Bertucci (+)


71. F Amadeus Lombardi (DET)


72. G Carl Lindbom (VGK)


73. G Jacob Fowler (=)


74. F Mathieu Cataford (+)


100. G Sergei Murashov (PIT)


(NHL draft predictions/Current team)

+ ... Drafted before GML selection

- ... Drafted after GML selection


If the 1st round went our way we would've considered this the "perfect draft" in our eyes with what we had to work with. Can't wait to see these kids develop!


It was a fun day, and we would like to thank all Execs and fellow GMs for all of their hardwork and participation in the draft. GML draft day is like a holiday to me now. I look forward to it every year even if I only have 2 picks like I did last year lol.


Hope yall are as excited about your new prospects as I am!

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St Louis Blues 2023 Draft Class


F Jayden Perron - 2nd Round 55 OA


D Kirill Kudryavtsev - 3rd Round 91 OA


D Hoyt Stanley - 4th Round 119 OA



With just 3 picks this year. We are thrilled with our selections. After a great 2021 draft we dropped a bomb in 2022 with only 2 picks due to time constraints. We ran out of time you could say ;) 


We have worked hard to remain competitive and keep futures in our system. Today was another step forward for the organization. 

Thank you @canuck2xtreme and @Relyt Krets for your hard work hosting the draft 

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Maple Leafs Draft List Leaked! (top 55 only)


Adam Fantilli
Matvei Michkov
Axel Sandin Pellikka
Leo Carlsson
Will Smith
Zach Benson
Mikhail Gulyayev
Andrew Cristall
Dalibor Dvorsky
Colby Barlow
Matthew Wood
Ryan Leonard
Brayden Yager
Oliver Moore
Eduard Sale
Lukas Dragicevic
Connor Bedard
Riley Heidt
Quentin Musty
Otto Stenberg
Gabe Perreault
Bradly Nadeau
David Edstrom
Koehn Ziemmer
Jayden Perron
Tanner Molendyk
Caden Price
Kasper Halttunen
Nick Lardis
Samuel Honzek
Ethan Gauthier
David Reinbacher
Dmitri Simashev
Nate Danielson
Gavin Brindley
Calum Ritchie
Jesse Kiiskinen
Tom Willander
Gavin Hayes
Amadeus Lombardi
Oscar Fisker Mølgaard
Tristan Bertucci
Etienne Morin
Carl Lindbom
Carson Bjarnason
Trey Augustine
Jacob Fowler
Mathieu Cataford
Lenni Hameenaho
William Whitelaw
Anton Wahlberg
Aydar Suniev
Luca Cagnoni
Noah Dower Nilsson
Sergei Murashov
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