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  1. Latest example I can think of is when Penguins traded for Kessel on July 1 2015, then proceeded to win the cup for the 15-16 and 16-17 seasons. $8M in cap.
  2. True love is when you truly can't imagine yourself without this person. Can you?
  3. I think in the right system he is still a solid middle 6 option. He's not small, 6'1 207 Could be a good Tanner Pearson type for a team looking for scoring. Pittsburgh isn't a great fit for players of their like. Already hearing Sabres are interested. I would like him on Canucks if we didn't already have Pearson. Just can't fit him under the cap. Winnipeg has struggled to get goals from their depth players. I could see a fit there if they can get him under the cap, which they do have room for. My 2¢
  4. I thought the Canucks were gonna wear the flying V for the game? 

    80s night with skate jerseys? Lol

    1. Chickenspear


      Well, the skate was intro'd in '85, and the "V" is butt #*$&ing ugly. Just my assumption.

    2. Baer.


      I guess. Just kinda surprised when I went to see the highlights and they weren't wearing the flying V. What's the point of even making the jerseys if you aren't going to play in them



      Oh yeah that's right. Money.

  5. I think that title will go to Oilers. With Colorado not being in the same division anymore, we don't play them enough to be rivals. But I can see where you're coming from. A few tough playoff serieses could change that.
  6. Dallas sends Jesperi Kotkaniemi down to the AHL Dallas recalls Jesper Boqvist @Primal Optimist
  7. Not gonna lie...that late pick do be hitting doe
  8. How is that socialist? I'm the further thing from that. I just think he's complaining about spilt milk. The tax is negligible.
  9. Less thank two weeks for draft yikes Hope y'all brought your alarm clocks it's gonna get spicy
  10. This story is 2 years old. They covered this guy again in 2018 and also again this year. PEI introduced a 10% HST rebate. Not much but it's a start. Unfortunately this guy is way ahead of everybody else and bureaucracy hasn't caught up to him yet. I'm sure he can handle paying an extra $100 a year if he can afford $42k in renovations.
  11. Nah, I want to give you pool b guys a chance
  12. Unfortunately some people believe a future Canada will not rely on oil and that is merely a necessary evil to accomplish that. Although they don't realise their phone they made that virtuous tweet on comes from oil from somewhere. And if it's not Canada, it's going to be from somewhere in the middle east. Many people fail to understand, the eastern OPEC giants care not for the values Canadians hold. And they will happily sell us more when we stop producing our own. 2 point swing, as they say.
  13. Yes but trading for hall means you have to re-sign him which probably won't happen. Canucks can't trade their first anyways because of the Miller condition. Doubt new Jersey would want a 2022 pick when teams are offering 2020 picks. Not worth it for a rental imo even if it is hall who has 0 playoff experience anyways. the Canucks top-6 is fine. Not to mention new Jersey would want more than a first.
  14. Spoder has been kind enough to take the reigns while I'm away for a week, this allows us more time to fill out the league. Cheers to him
  15. @Gally has been promoted to Group A! Draft Order: (simulation run 5 times)
  16. Draft Order: (simulation run 5 times)
  17. BM and Sane both have not responded, and we need to promote somebody to group A. Since @Gally placed 3rd he will be promoted to Group A. That gives us 8 GMs in each group.
  18. I've tentatively put Tigs in as I have been informed of his interest but haven't actually heard from him yet. Would be great to have him!
  19. In downtown Victoria you can't go 2 blocks without seeing a homeless person or a pile of garbage