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  1. I'm +1 your argument is invalid

    1. Big Mike

      You're banned your argument is invalid

  2. Thanks for the add! :)

    1. Canuck Man

      Thanks for the amazing posts!

  3. Why do you guys use me as an insult? What did I do??

    1. Grapefruits

      you created multiple accounts, you also whine a lot.

    2. Canuck Man

      I only have one though

  4. I miss Lu

    you'll always be in my heart when I play and I'll always try to play like you
  5. [OFFICIAL] UEFA Champions League thread

    My predictions: Barcelona-Atletico Madrid should be close but I think Barcelona will come out on top Real Madrid-Dortmund should be won by Real Madrid PSG-Chelsea should be close so I'm not sure about this one I hope that Manchester United win in Manchester United-Bayern Munich but it seems much more likely for Bayern to win
  6. [OFFICIAL] UEFA Champions League thread

    The 2014 quarter finals, the draw took place today:
  7. The best in Europe go head to head in this fierce competition And the SONG is very dramatic
  8. It's funny how much gets exaggerated, and you know it

    1. Heretic

      I think you're over exaggerating that.

    2. CatsPajamas

      I'm starting to think that I'm the only user that isn't Tiger Singh. All this time I've spent on CDC I have been a test subject in Tiger Signh's sick experiment. Even the mods and admins are Tiger Singh.

    3. CatsPajamas

      lol someone in the room next to me just started signing the twilight zone theme.


    LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, so happy you're with your family and backed up with tremendous fan support. Thank you for inspiring a whole generation of Canucks and thank you for being my idol. I will always support you and look up to you
  10. I am TIGER SINGH, and this is my ONLY active account, now that I said this, I hope we can work things out, if not, forget I ever said this and consider me to be Canuck Man. I just don't want other people who have no relation to this to have to deal with this bs. Thank you and Go Canucks Go

  11. Sometimes I wonder if Shamu101 even knows what he's saying...

    1. Shamu101

      Don't worry about it

  12. Happy International Happiness Day

    1. Tearloch7

      I am touched .. same to you .. seek and yee shall find .. happiness that is

    2. Tearloch7

      Except for Gumball .. he is blind to 'happy'

  13. [OFFICIAL] FIFA 2014 World Cup thread

    Yeah, -Vintage Canuck- already shared that... You just copied him..
  14. [OFFICIAL] FIFA 2014 World Cup thread

    You can't control a beast, however you can make it your friend
  15. THE HOSTS: THE BALL: THE GROUPS: THE ULTIMATE TROPHY: The ultimate competition in the beautiful game returns this summer (June 12-July 13). Are YOU excited!?