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  1. That was horrible..I don’t where to start but Jon straight wishing he died the first time around.
  2. I had too much whiskey in the system and couldn’t get the wood on it.
  3. Marchands reaction..after Ferland crushes his teammate.



    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      I like Marchand better when Prust tried to give him a free circumcision.

    2. Jaku


      Too bad Carolina can't get anything offensively going against the Bruins.



      Boston is going to have their hands full when they meet San Jose,who by the way is winning the Stanley Cup this year(you heard it first here).

  4. They should just make a transgender division. Wasn’t their some dude knocking out chicks in some MMA league a while back cause of this?
  5. HI5

    NBA Discussion

    Thompson likely with the dagger there.
  6. I’ve never seen or heard of anyone be raped in jail across the western provinces at least. Beats downs plenty.
  7. Man..the early scenes were intense. Thought Bran was dead as I didn’t expect the NK to die so soon; didn’t think Arya would be the one to kill him even after Melisandre’s comment.
  8. I’m just excited for this episode. Finally had the time to do nothing today and think a bit. We may actually get to see the King Slayer..slay a king. Stab em in the back and Aegon with the finishing move. Saw some interesting theories mentioned about the Stark dead army in the crypts. Also what happened to Benjen? Should he not Ben able to cross back over the wall now? Then theirs that Azor Ahai theory where Aston’s sword shatters at some point and he forges a new one by stabbing Danny in the heart. Also, Teryion quote about being dead and marching down to stangle Ceresei.
  9. I watched episode 2 again yesterday..is Melisandre the little girl who looked like Shireen talking to Davos?
  10. Food delivery charges is gettin outta handdd dafuq!


    $7.50 delivery -- can prob just get a damn delissio pizza. 

    1. Baer.


      There are plenty of places with free delivery you just have to know where to look :)

    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      @Baer Remember though places like Dominos offer "free delivery" but STILL tack on a 'deliver charge' (which they pocket & doesn't go to the driver).

  11. This tiny mans think he’s Manny Pacquiao! That company should face a hefty fine though and I’m sure the President down there would be glad to pocket it.