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  1. How much is all this rioting going to cost them financially? Wonder if this negates the possibility of additional stimulus cheque’s.
  2. With all these protests, should we expect a spike in covid cases sooner than fall?
  3. They need to just send out JR Swish and Jon Jones our there vs the National Guard.
  4. Looks like America is headed for another civil war with a hint of covid.
  5. This is like Grand Theft Auto, can’t believe all this is still going on during the pandemic. From the videos I’ve seen, the cops are not doing themselves any favours.
  6. https://www.aequitasneo.com/en/single-security/MMED#!/market-depth Bought some at 0.54 cents and was just watching the market depth. Thanks for the info, gives me some things to read up on!
  7. I cut my losses and dropped 5k Monday and by Wednesday I made it back. With how the market is now, might not be a bad idea to just cut it cause theirs opportunity elsewhere.
  8. I’ve got a question about orders. I had an order for 35,000 shares, which was partially filled at 5000 shares. Now I’m watching people get their orders filled at the same price point. Does partially filled put me at the back of the line now for the other 30,000 shares?
  9. Buy the rumour, sell the news. It looked like it already saw its spike 5-6 days back from what quickly gathered.
  10. Hit me up if ya got some goodies on the TSX and I may consider hiring you as my agent. /Vinny Chase
  11. HI5

    NBA Discussion

    MJ still GOAT! Documentary brought back memories but it could have been done better.
  12. I don't know nothing about SHRM besides that they've been taking off and today they're dropping and I think NUMI is supposed to be a smaller version of SHRM. I've been in and out of MMED often taking profits and it helps that on Neo exchange you can see the market depth. MMED is trickling down again which i'll be watching closely to get in real low.