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  1. Be a gentleman and offer to assist her with squats.
  2. HI5

    NBA Discussion

    Wouldn’t surprise me if they somehow land him. Westbrook’s getting traded for sure now.
  3. HI5

    NBA Discussion

    Make that Kawhi & PG13
  4. NBA free agency >>> NHL free agency 

    1. naslund.is.king
    2. debluvscanucks
    3. debluvscanucks


      We have an NHL team....we (in Vancouver) don't have an NBA team.  So much more interested in what my team's doing than what other sports teams are doing.

  5. Got back in Dajin at 4cents recently, hopefully the deal gets finalized soon. Anything 25cents or above would net a real nice payday.
  6. Any familiarity with this whole Pluspetrol thing? They bought out Dajins partner LSC and now could possibly make a play for Dajin.
  7. Diet, fitness, fashion sense and personality are all a choice. Ugly by choice.
  8. Anyone holding any junior mining lithium shares? Vancouver company Dajin Resources looks positioned to bought out and they’re shares are very cheap at the moment.
  9. Mainly just the really high caffeine content and getting addicted to it. Some people can’t even enter the gym without taking a pre workout; personally I just use it the occasional day where I’m lacking energy and need to be more energized/focused.
  10. Haven’t used pre workout in a long time, but C4 Ultimate would get me wired up and push through few extra heavy reps. I wouldn’t make a habit of using it regularly though.
  11. Wouldn’t be shocked if they gave it to Lobov, but imo Paulie gave em a boxing lesson begin the smaller guy with pillow fists.
  12. Lol, feels like I’m watchin a bunch of homeless dudes on steroids just launchin haymakers.
  13. What times Paulie fighting? Paulie prob going to break his hands and lose.