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  1. I really liked seeing Virtanen - Petterson - Boeser on a line together Jake on the left just seems right.
  2. It seems all we had to do to score goals was take that damn “Vancouver” off the jerseys eh.
  3. I think this is a smart move while Motte is injured. I would prefer it if Gaudette was getting minutes, but with him not requiring waivers he can go back down easily. If Goldy or Sven were recalled they would likely have been claimed on being sent back down with how they have been playing in Utica. How did that 30 day rule work again? Does that apply here?
  4. Has anyone noticed that if you squint your eyes while looking at the Red Wings logo, it looks like a piece of steak?? ok, now I’m hungry
  5. I like this trade J.T Miller addresses a need. Sure it sucks to lose a 1st, but Benning has a whole year to regain another 1st as a replacement if he feels that we will need one. Im sure they have already looked ahead to next years draft class and believe that the prospects in the 16- 31 range are not worth holding on to the pick for (for now). Things may change, and if they do and the scouts find a player in that range, then I'm sure JB will try to acquire another 1st round pick.
  6. Why not have Benning as the President and hire a new GM?
  7. Schenn is doing amazing. Sign him up JB.....6x6!