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  1. Yea but… but …..but Eastern Bias and… No tax state and… Yzerman and… the Kucherov LTIR and…. Fire Green and….. Gillis sold the farm and…. Orca Bay and…. Messier and…. Never had a 1st overall pick and…. the Orca logo and….. (insert excuse here)
  2. I’m living in Sydney currently and it’s the same situation here. I’m watching the Habs and leafs game on YouTube at the moment through a dodgy link.
  3. You’re not a current player till you sign ya damn contract! Pen to paper Son. Let’s Go!!!!!
  4. Start of Season Miller / Petterson / Boeser Hoglander / Horvat / Garland Pearson / Dickinson / Motte Podkolzin / Sutter / MacEwen Scratched: Highmore Ekman-Larson / Myers Hughes / Hamonic Juolevi / Poolman Scratched: Schenn, Hunt Demko, Halak Mid Season / Before trade deadline Hoglander / Petterson / Boeser Miller / Horvat / Garland Pearson / Dickinson / Podkolzin Motte / Sutter / Lockwood Scratched: MacKwen Ekman-Larson / Myers Hughes / Poolman Juolevi / Hamonic Scratched: Hunt, Schenn Demko, Halak Note: Rathbone starts in Abbotsford so we don’t run the risk of losing Juolevi on waivers. He can play top minutes and develop his game there and be a star on that team. We already have OEL and Hughes as puck movers on the left side. Juolevi can round out his game and try to take the next step under the guidance of Hamonic, OELand Schenn. Podkolzin starts on forth line. I see him being a beast for us in the future and making him work his way up from the bottom will do wonders for him. He can bang and crash on the 4th with the protection of MacKwen and the Leadership of Sutter. PK duties eventually. Look for him to be elevated in the lineup for a spark mid game. Hoglander forces his way onto the top line. His ability to dig out and hunt down pucks creates space for Boeser to find the soft areas and leaves Petey to focus on being a Two way center and not having to drive play. Poolman after starting on the bottom paring, inserts himself as a solid defensive Defenceman and moves up to partner with Hughes for years to come. Hamonic drops down to partner with Juolevi and forms our shutdown paring. Lockwood impresses in Abbotsford and gets the call up mid season
  5. Schmidt + Roussell for Fair call, unless they were gaining something out of the trade also. Maybe so they can stay competitive? Someone said the are looking for a PMD for their top 4. Maybe Schmidt fits that role. Schmidt + Roussell for 1st (2023) and Weber I’m terrible at proposals so I’m probably way off in value. Haha.
  6. Yea I get there could be some cap recapture penalties? But this could be discussed in the trade negotiations that he would not be looking to retire. Providing that Montreal would allow Vancouver to discuss that with Weber’s agent.
  7. What’s the possibility of taking back Weber with some money retained? That’s a hefty contract but if he is on LTIR does it really matter? BC boy and might be open to coming home. Also, if he can still play he would make a great mentor for Bo and our young defenceman. He’s still an effective player if used in limited minutes.
  8. Stop looking at the points and start looking at the player.
  9. Ha, I knew you would say something like that. I actually wouldn’t add Karlsson to my list, because he is more of an offensive minded player compared to all around defenceman. I dunno if you watched the playoffs ( maybe you just looked at the box scores at the end of the games) but Pietrangelo was a beast for Vegas. Doughty still putting up good numbers and munching minutes on a declining team. You might be right that all these guys have lost a step, but that doesn’t mean that other players are now better than them.
  10. Here’s my list. 1. Hedman 2. Pietrangelo 3. Josi 4. Carlson 5. Doughty 6. Heiskanen 7. Nurse 8. Jones 9. Parayko 10. Petry im sure you’ll disagree but these are all around defenceman. Hamilton just doesn’t fit that mould. He is a very good player, but he probably doesn’t even crack my top 20.
  11. Interesting list. Sorry but I was actually more interested in who you have in the 6-10 spots. Who do you have behind Hamilton?
  12. Sorry, but I don’t really care about Norris voting. It’s largely based on offensive production and not on all around play. let’s see that list eh
  13. Sorry to chime in but I’m just curious as to who you have as your top 10 Defenceman in the league. Not Norris voted. just all around best defenceman. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Dougie Hamilton 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Give me your list then I’ll give you mine.
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