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  1. Meh. They still had to play the games and get the points. They played against some bad teams. Who cares if they were in our division or not.
  2. Does it matter? How many points did the Sedins get from the AHL oilers? a point is a point and He’s got 100 of them
  3. Fair enough. I’m not here to argue about it. In fact I agree with you. If he gets levelled with a hit I won’t be cheering for him to get up either.
  4. Is he really a terrible person though? or is he just a competitive professional athlete? I get it, if he was on our team we would love him, but he’s not so we hate him. But let’s give him props. 100 points is just incredible in so few games.
  5. Absolutely, it’s unfortunate to hear others be so bitter about it. Just enjoy watching such a awesome moment. This is what make our sport so great.
  6. Isn’t this exactly what happened to Colorado? They were good for one season then terrible the next, but look where they are at now. I don’t want the team to tank, but this might be the right year to stay the course and finish with a high draft pick instead of making some rash decisions to fix a struggling team.
  7. So you’re saying we’re gonna make it to the second round of the playoffs? Excellent!!!!
  8. It would be really nice if our Superstars started playing like Superstars.
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