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  1. I've got a trip planned to the Caribbean coming up in April and assuming the planes are still flying I'm going. No way im self isolating if I feel fine.
  2. I agree with both sides to a certain degree. We obviously have to take the virus seriously and take the best and most rational precautions we can but to shut down basically everything is a bit overkill. Despite what anyone says this is a flu, a more potent flu, but a flu nonetheless. Those who are healthy likely don't have to worry too much as long as they follow the recommended precautions and those who are not healthy will have to be more careful and pray they don't get it. People will die unfortunately but this flu will run its course eventually.
  3. I don't see him leaving early honestly, unless the Canucks guarantee him a spot on the roster. Like previous posters have said, getting a degree from Harvard is like finding the golden ticket and almost guarantees a lucrative career in the real world while making the NHL full time is a long shot even if a player is skilled enough.
  4. When is he going to graduate? It feels like Rathebone has been in the system forever.
  5. What was the reason for him not being taken in the first round? On paper he seems to have all the tools and the drive to succeed but surely there must be some holes in his game that scared off some scouts. With more are more smaller players making an impact in the league you would think there would be less biased towards the bigger players unless of course skating is an issue.
  6. Hi, sorry I have't responded I don't go on my profile much but I noticed you have commented recently.

  7. hiya! hows it goin?

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