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  1. Sorry to say this but this is the worst topic discussion I have every read on here . Go after Q ha ha ha. You are so funny why would he come here. ? Time to say what needs to be said we are not good enough period . Build threw the draft. BAUMGARTNER is fine .
  2. Really Baertschi is still useful and gives us depth plays with heart LE should be traded or waved move on. Its about winning and we are in that mode now.
  3. True enough LE will get his chance. I wouldn't hold my breath though on him making the team.
  4. Well done, I see the same outcome All we are missing is one more Dman get rid of Stecher and replace with a bigger Dman that can score .Out Eriksson play the kids.
  5. So I believe management is doing a ok job but could do more. Up grading the defense even more. would be my choice Moving Virtanen fore a right shot high end prospect would be my choice .
  6. Jim is better off trading Markstrom this year loading up at the draft hey you can always resign him in the off season if you want.
  7. Hey don't get me wrong if he gets 20 goals a season and brings some physical play I say great but please don't say he is a top 6 power forward .
  8. The Problem with Boeser is he bulked up too much which effected his skating and shot. LEAN mass is better for agility and coordination and speed.
  9. Jake is not a power forward and never will be. He threw his weight around in junior got to the nhl and disappeared .
  10. As soon as I browsed threw your post I rolled my eyes Ferland and Miller were not brought in to play on the third line. period. Ferland will likely play with Pettersson and Boeser , Miller will Play with Horvat and Pearson . A third Line of Baertschi Sutter and Leivo / Virtanen (the third line will drive play) A forth line of Ericsson Beagle and Leivo / Virtanen, the days of shut down lines are coming to a end four balanced lines that can score is the trend. with your better players in the top 6.
  11. If Virtanen doesn't step forward this year then what is it? the coach, or is he truly a bottom line player.
  12. Sutter is where offense goes to die
  13. Frick yes all day long . Ristolainen would make this team away better.
  14. Risto would be a great add Traded for Virtanen plus as long as it isn't a first Stecher,
  15. True but did you read 6 foot 5 a mobile puck moving D man that shoots right and is projected to # 2 Dman
  16. Trade Jake Virtanen to Philadelphia Flyers for Philippe Myers. Myers is another big, mobile player who has promise as a second pairing puck mover. 6 foot 5 inches Right shooting D man Read more at
  17. I'm with you Alf you could lend him to Europe its the same as sending him down to Utica you still get about the same cap relief
  18. One trade P Myers out of Phili Trade Virtanen and Eliot for him . Done
  19. Boeser's job is to score as for the rest of the group Pettersson on a redraft would go # 1 . Hughes 50 point D man , this year. the rest of the supporting cast would match up to a lot teams. Trenders, LOL this how you build a winner unless you are in love with Toronto or Tampa both are high end high skilled teams look where that got them in the playoffs. Its fine to win 60 games but in the Playoffs it about playing the right way and to play heavy. Skill helps but its how much fight the team has in them. Pettersson is high end skill , Horvat brings everything a coach could ask for, The team is very close. One more top 2 Dman and I would say look out
  20. I think you will see more D picked next year. we should be a bubble team we are two good D away from being a contender for the play offs
  21. You worry too much JB will have to move one guy and we are not loosing Boeser he will sign
  22. Your kidding right ,this will be a very good team. the Canucks will be 10 wins better than last year.
  23. The game has changed so get over it 4th line players are developing and are going to be 3 and 2 line players as they produce . Its a faster and more skilled game . If a player is better than his line he will move up .Opportunity to move up will always be there. If Jake is capable to play in the top 6 he will play in the top 6. This year he will earn his spot too many players better right now.