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  1. 1 - Markstrom. Simply couldn't have stayed. JB had to decide between Marky and Demko because of the ED and Marky wanted to be protected. Marky is a top-5 goalie right now, yes, but for how long, a couple more seasons? JB went with Demko (and rightly so, fits our young core better) so had to make the hard decision to let Markstrom walk. 6x6 contract will be brutal at the end of the contract which is likely when our players will be in their prime and JB knows he doesn't want another Eriksson contract. What's the other option, give Marky 6x6 and let Seattle take Demko? Much worse. No sign Ma
  2. I disagree Demco could have been traded at the trade dead line if needed for a good haul also Myers is replaceable and frankly Schmidt is no Bobby Orr so options were there How do you figure by doing what he did, the team isn't compromised now?
  3. You dont know that and Benning could have kept them both ether traded Demco at the trade dead line or made a deal with Seattle . Ether way at least we could have gotten some assets for Demco In a trade.
  4. People were all drinking JB's cool aid there was lots of options. by scratching Virtanen we are building up a lot of value . We shall see after the next ten games.
  5. No make a deal with Seattle. The difference between keeping Toffoli Tanev and Markstrom and not was 2 million, no Holtby no Schmidt and no Virtanen. Hmmm I wonder if we would have been better off.
  6. No its 51 years with out a cup and counting. Fan pressure can make owners do amazing things.
  7. Realy wow Markstrom was our MVP or did you forget and will play till he is 37 lots of goalies play well until then, Fleury from Vegas is one. Tanev is Calgary's second best D man and could be moved at any time in the future. Toffoli could easily been kept but Jim's crystal ball was better? Come on face it JB had many options but took the chicken route. I'm not drinking Jim's cool aid . Eriksson could be move but Jim doesn't have the Balls to do it.
  8. Proof that Benning doesn't know how to build his D core. again Tanev is Calgary's second best D man. Toffoli and Tanev could made a big difference . I see no proof we got better on D.
  9. The difference between keeping Markstrom , Tanev and Toffoli ( $14.8 mil ) and Signing Schmidt , Holtby and Virtanen ( $12. 8 ) around 2 million. so cape space could have been found. Eriksson and Roussel in the Minors. Cap works they could have made room . Next year they then could have made moves to make room for the kids.
  10. Not Misinformed Markstrom could have played and we could have traded Demco or made a deal with Seattle ether way we could have kept him.
  11. What a crock of crap Benning could have kept Toffoli and Tanev and Markstrom but picked a safer route . There was enough room cap wise do all this. Toffoli , Tanev and Markstrom = $14,750,000 cap Do not sign Holtby , Schmidt, Virtanen , $12,800,000 . Buy out Bartschi move Eriksson and Roussel to the minors. savings of over 3 Mill. So dont tell me he could not aford it . Jim's problem is he cant think out side of the box . Signing our young stars could be solved next year. Hughes is showing how much he misses Tanev . Talking to Calgary fans they are saying Tan
  12. Make the trade Sam Bennett is a hell of a lot tougher than Virtanen and shows up in the playoffs
  13. Jay Beagle is worth every penny now Roussel on the other hand not so much.
  14. Under Green LOL Green has made him what he is.
  15. Vans D could have been better but you have to draft D to get D meaning in early rounds . Hague was available at #34 overall.
  16. Jake is getting just over 2.5 mil. so there is no hunger in him to do better it seems he got a contract to set himself up so why try? Its pride that sets one up to be better and it seems he could care less . Having said that I think being a whipping boy for the coach doesn't help any so his development is on Green and Green has failed.
  17. He could have been playing this year once again Jim dropped the ball.
  18. He was never a Hero and the other on his ability to build a cup contender well we shall see.
  19. Yah I bet he would have looking at the mess we are in now.
  20. This proves that the fans have been patient enough time to get going.
  21. Yes the no Plan Plan , JB cant move forward because of the dead cap , he cant help him self. He sees something shinny and has got to have it but he is a bargin shopper who ends up spending too much and not having quality in return. The owner should have told him no playoffs this year no job next year.
  22. I disagree how would those contracts effect us going forward .Allot of goalies play well into there 30 s same as defensemen. Markstrom was our MVP now he is going to be Calgary's. Toffoli could be traded anytime so there is that . I think you are wrong it would have been better for development of our core to keep them. Ask any Calgary fan out Markstrom and Tanev and they are laughing at us. Toffoli will be Habs highest point man . again ask them what they think of Toffoli !
  23. Lot of Pun-dents say JB could not aford to keep Markstrom ,Tanev, Toffoli Lets do the math . Kept / Toffoli (4,250,000) x 4, Tanev ( 4,500,000) x 4, Markstrom (6,000,000) x 6 OUT / Virtanen (traded for a 2nd round pic ) and dont sign Holtby, Schmidt, Hamonic Sign / C Folin , ($850,000) x 1 ,J Hawryluk $800,000 x 1 Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Toffoli Hoglander Gaudette MacEwen Motte Beagle Sutter Hughes Tanev Edler Myers Juolevi Chatfield Markstrom / Demk
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