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  1. No, he already twatted he won't be able to make Sedin Week.
  2. What consequences to you speak of oh Alien one? Like maybe sit Bo, or Miller to prove a point? Release Roussel or Edler ... make up super crappy lines, sit 3 lesson boys each night, and purposely lose to teach the boys a lesson? You do realize you can only do so much with the 23 players on your squad right? No matter what you do 20 of them are on the ice and 3 are watching. Or do you mean sending them to fetch Green's laundry, or picking up milk and eggs for his wife, or driving the zamboni, or like torture them with an ice pick or put em on the rack kind of consequences ... or do you mean like burn down Schaller's house if he doesn't average a fight a game?
  3. Well Alf, unfortunately for youngsters such as yourself you've got to learn that what you see on your TV in one game doesn't necessarily reflect what is being told, coached, or scrimmaged with the players behind the scenes, They are not getting a free pass to play soft ... as you put it. There is a whole realm of sophistication going on that you nor any other common fan is privy to. Believing that you can know these things just shows a general lack of understanding of the game. Also, the Petey reference was regarding reffing, not our lack of response or coaching. Try those tricks on the other kids Alfie.
  4. I didn't know Alf's were telepathic. Oh wait, they aren't. I see we're back to the point where we've lost a couple games and hundreds of CDC'ers have been attending practice and cramming into the Canucks change room ala Ballard in a bag, during the team meetings and strategy sessions.
  5. I agree. People talk about push back and, 'do to Johnny Hockey what they did to Petey' stuff but I think the biggest problem is our D. Edler is big and lays the body but he is slow and less aggressive than when he was younger. Tanev isn't a deterrent, he's a reactionary player. Myers is slow as well and doesn't give out many big hits even though he's huge. Our most aggressive/chippy D are probably Fanta and Benn but they switch for each other and don't play much when they're in. Hughes is not deterring anybody and while Stetch tries his ass off neither does he.
  6. Yes. Pushing for a playoff spot is great for this team but it can be done with some youth, and or more determined infusion if need be. There seems to be some complacency in this team right now.
  7. No doubt lol. This board is filled with adolescent spaz outs. Yeah we played like crap, Petterson was bad tonight, and we didn't have a lot of push back. Roussel is hurting, Beagle is hurting, and Schaller is ineffective. The reality is that without Ferland we are a team without much snarl. We have mostly young players who are fighting their way in this league. We also have a 23 year old 3rd line center who provides no relief here. In addition our other veterans on D in Edler, Tanev, and Myers (Stetcher) are pretty much useless there. We were projected to be a bubble playoff team and here we are in first place neck and neck fighting for the playoffs with 26 games left to figure it out. People flying off the handle, screaming for Green's head, calling out every other Canuck, and desperately trading for Lucic should open up the hatches and take a huuuuuuge dose of reality. It's one game, this is hockey. Time to accept that these things happen to every team, every year, and move on to the next one.
  8. Let's hope so. I'm not holding my breath. My gut instinct is he's a 5/6/7 dman who will probably bolt when that aspect is fully realized.
  9. Unfortunately Zac got rocked in that one although he threw well and was the victor initially. Good job though.
  10. I know. Absolutely whiny, condescending, know it all, Canuck hating troll comments every single post. How this guy isn't banned for this crap I don't know.
  11. Beautiful. Miss the the playoffs and re-sign Clifford. Normally you would think a Canucks fan should not want their division opponent to get the better deal but in this case it's just too it would be too delicious to watch Dumbas and the loafs fail again.
  12. I'd like to see what Bailey could add here but I defer to the coach and hope the boys use this opportunity to show that they can bounce back from a bad game and use it as incentive.
  13. No. All they have to do is use your eyes and see if he touched the puck or not. It's the same as a delayed offside.
  14. Ummm. That's how the rule works. You have to touch the puck for it to be offside.
  15. It's pretty simple. Both Bruins were outside the blueline before the puck was touched.
  16. Exactly. No need to give him more playing time because his dad is I'll. I don't think he's deploying him improperly at all.
  17. Don't put the cart before the horse young feller.