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  1. Louie at $6 and Baer at $3.3 are both massive CAP dumps.
  2. I'd really like to thank Wilfred squamfan and coachboy2288 for being the the most obtuse, horrible, disgusting, and brutal (fans) in the world. Absolute freaking garbage from those guys. It makes me embarrassed to be associated with the rubbish theses guys present. It almost makes me embarrassed to be a Canucks fan. i would not walk across the street to lend them a hand if their house was on fire or if they were bleeding in the street. I hope they burn in hell.
  3. Remember superman Wilfred posting this team is absolute garbage in game 5? What a goofy name for an old fuddy duddy.
  4. He used to rip the odd one in the top corner. Hopefully tonight!
  5. For some reason we're looking absolutely gassed. I thought we were young. Well we were looking gassed.
  6. It all comes down to coaching, everyone sucks except you, and Tryamkin is Chara. Little do you know his rights will be gone before we even have a chance to sign him. I've seen enough, others are right, he's Hal Gill Lite, not a good NHL player, he's a weak little crybaby bitch for how big he is.
  7. lol, he sucks, he couldn't even make a starting line up with Hutton, Larsen, Biega, and Pouliot on it. He's absolute trash, he is not in our plans.
  8. Yeah, they are good in those departments but they are taking up 1/6th (17%) of our forward spots and not doing anything else. Well Beagle is a great PK'er so there is that but they don't add anything else and more importantly they are close to a zero threat to score a goal. Good hockey players in their own right but they are not going to push this team to the top and will only hinder us because the rest of our line-up is filled out. That's where we can improve.
  9. I would be fine with moving Roussel. I think his better days are behind him. Beagle too. We need to limit our "fine" players and add Podkolzin, etc, in my opinion.
  10. To all those kids out there remember when you're up 3-2 going into the third it's very important to not get scored on in the first 4 minutes. Clear the puck out, quick shifts, it's easy. Players get greedy and are thinking about scoring when they should be thinking about the team. Children. Ah well.
  11. It's sickening but we just keep bringing him back. To be honest, not getting scored on during crucial moments would be a start. I simply can't understand why we don't shoot the puck more but whatever, I'm just a fan.
  12. Yeah, super tough. I've seen him loafing around in the front of the net gasping for breath at least 3 times. He has been very lazy and responsible for letting Vegas dominate us in our own end.
  13. Sorry for name calling. I have played sports in many important games and i knew if they didn't take care to get the puck out of the zone it would end up in our own net and I was correct. My apologies. They are just dumb kids after all. Hopefully they will learn it's far more important to keep the puck out than it is to score, especially when you're winning. As an aside Myers has been awful.
  14. Okay then goodbye and screw off. I should have every right to be here but whatever you prick.
  15. It all comes down to mistakes. We made way more than 4. They could easily have 10 if it wasn't for Markstrom.
  16. Told you. You don't do the simple things right, you will lose 9 times out of 10.
  17. Clear the &^@#ing out of your zone you morons. Dammit. Hockey is easy on your tv.