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  1. Just played putrid this morning and have done for a month. Lost all rhythm and borderline putting yips. To make matters worse got thunderstormed off for an hour, to just sit and ponder only 9 freakin points at the turn. At least you guys get winter to ski and forget about the stupid game. #ventover
  2. The horribly pro USA morons yelling out at every chance, get in the hole etc and even one sledging Rory yelling out Wozniacki are a blight on the game. Should be ejected. Arnold Palmer and other past gentlemen of the game would be ashamed.
  3. Flutterbye
  4. Raonic just taken the first set of Roger at the Brisbane International. Serve looks close to unplayable, just smashing it.
  5. The world's best golfer wins HER 10th professional title at 18 years of age, Lydia Ko you star. Seriously anyone with a passing interest in golf should be trying to watch Lydia at some stage. No one male of female has or had such a record at that age. Last year she won at Royal Melbourne when the greens were prepared as hard and fast as they ever are for men (dining table hard). She missed 6 greens in four days. I doubt there is a man alive in the world that could match that level of accuracy over 4 days on such greens.
  6. Australia once had a reality TV show to see if we could identify a kid who could make it as a pro. Today we have a #1. We done Jason Day, an amazing journey and probably the best year since Norman.
  7. 15 hits seems pretty light on for a team that should have left nothing out there. #bummedDownUnder
  8. Gino Linden Salo Hank/Daniel Daniel/Hank Pavel Cloutier Babych
  9. Pretty poor form of Genie not to shake hands. Anyone know a reason?
  10. 1 more wicket and its Maxwell and game over EnZed.
  11. Onward to the Kiwi's now. I know most of you are dissappointed, but it will be a cracking final if they both play to their potential.
  12. Only some airlines, maybe a U.S. rule
  13. From reading there is a 'toilet break' code which lets you in after 30secs, then a more secure code which lets in after 30mins.