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  1. POOP
  2. Yup, I heard it too, I can see the similarities, both have sucked for so long.
  3. Future Canuck Captain.
  4. Maybe in 2011 after Canucks did not win the Stanley Cup , because who knew the owner/gm was going to ride this one line without any effort to even resemble second line scoring. Now it is five years later and they are still the Cornerstone of this franchise but help is on the way but too late to maximise their skill at its prime. NO Trade , retire as Canucks.
  5. No , This colour guy is that bad. Worst part again is Henrik gets hurt and nobody going to hurt them back. Its not Dorsets fault , It can't all fall on his shoulders.
  6. Best no fluff GDT ever, hoping for a good effort from the young players. Would like to see Joe Thorton get put on his butt a few times. Go ( throws up a little ) Leafs
  7. 5 - 1 Canucks I don't know how I feel about that.
  8. Hate watching the team get thrown around every night. Positive side , I only have to watch the first 20 minutes of the draft .
  9. It's not the losing that really bothers me , I know it's a process. It's watching my team get cross checked , chopped and thrown around like rag dolls without anyone capable of returning the favor. No disrespect to Dorset who is one guy. One guy.
  10. Bandwagoners are like family , they come around for awhile , sometimes they are annoying and you wish they would just go home . Most of the time they are a welcome addition to the party. The more the merrier !
  11. Vey Day Vey Day
  12. gdt

    is it 2011 ? Marchand still cheap shotting Sedins, and no one doing a thing about it. Out hit, out scored, out .....
  13. I don't think the Canucks are as hopeless as a lot of critics think. The Sedins will not give up and have shown ( Chicago game ) that they can carry this team. Horvat, McCann Hutton Tanev not to mention Miller and Markstrom have not been in Alberta the last 10 years so they are not used to losing and pride will keep them going and there are others , of course. Canucks are not bad enough and the culture is not broken. Sure We may not make the playoffs but I think its a pipedream to think they will be in the bottom 5.