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  1. Not bad. However, when it comes to BMW, looks wise, nothing will beat the E39. Looking at buying a 540i M-sport package myself.
  2. Never really had sore elbows doing any of those exercises. Is that something you start with? Could be a problem. As mentioned already, do a couple of light weight higher set exercises as a warm up before getting into things heavy. Also don't go TOO heavy on something like skull crushers. It is kind of a weird exercise to begin with and I could definitely see you having soreness/injury if you go about it wrong.
  3. This. I see it as the only real mistake JB made at the draft.
  4. Anyone watch Canelo vs Lara?
  5. Yup. Flames model of previous years that got them into this mess.
  6. Yes!
  7. I've been here since 2006. I remember The_Pauser and the one user who completely exposed him and made him quit the forum. Can't seem to remember the name, had House as his avatar.
  8. Dustin Penner 1 year @ 2.5 million. Was on pace for 53 points with the Ducks before he got traded. Worth a shot trying him with the Sedins.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Plum


      Scratch him the whole year and put him in the playoffs if we make it.

    3. DarthNinja


      that line would have minus written all over it lol

    4. Rypien37


      He would be on the same pace as the Sedins in terms of speed so they would match well.

  9. Rebuild? Na...lets get even older!!

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    2. Gyllenhaal


      mentoring lack till he's 30 years old

    3. Tanev's Smirk

      Tanev's Smirk

      Doubt Lack is here to start the year.

    4. Warhippy


      because every athlete wants oto know their best years will be spent on the pine

  10. And there goes any and all the faith I had in JB and TL
  11. And there goes any and all the faith I had in JB and TL

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    2. HerrDrFunk


      Yeah! Signing a proven goalie who can mentor Lack is a dumb idea!!!!!!

    3. rampage


      lol already jumping ship eh? gtfo

    4. Rypien37


      At 6 million AAV? For 3 years?

      The only positive here is at least no NTC.

  12. LOL. Gleason may not be a very good D man but he is GREAT fighter. Just from my memory I can recall him beating Lucic twice, and has fought many of the leagues heavy weights. He brings that MEAN snarly mentality that no one on our blue line has expect Bieksa.
  13. This is stupid if true. I had a feeling Aquaman would still have a huge influence and under no circumstances would he want to rebuild and risk losing more ticket revenue.
  14. He fought 10 times this past season but lost most of them...