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  1. free the saniel dedins

  2. Ice cream mafia (signs up open) please pin

    I miss you guys so much
  3. I f****** can't believe it. As I mentioned in the DPS, MR is the only person I had pegged 100% as mafia and I can't believe he made it all the way to the end. Damn you to hell MR Not really though, I like you.
  4. Gotta shower and go to work. Vote MR. God bless.
  5. He was also trying really hard to make a case against me based on a single nothing post. I dunno. I'm gonna wait for the next hour or so and then I'm gone to work for the rest of the day.
  6. If MR comes up TP, I'm screwed but I'm confident and super downskies to vote MR this round.
  7. Lol. Some people were wondering where I was too. Not like I'm anything close to being a stoner but it definitely was a national holiday for some people
  8. I have that MR feeling due to how he was acting at close to round 1 nightfall. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  9. I'm confident that MR is mafia which I know sounds like I'm just retaliating.
  10. Bloody fantastic but brb. Gotta read the next 10 pages
  11. Alright. let's get down to business. BW, AV, MR, are 3/4 mafia. Unsure of the last.