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  1. Can I just bail halfway through when something in the game mildly upsets me?
  2. I'd love to play again with the homies, but every time I play I get lambasted for activity. I've also having one of the best summers in a long time and just won't have the time anyway. Gonna have to pass mucho love tho.
  3. I miss this tbh
  4. First all-star name team. If only fans got the dream pairing of Jeff Finger and Grant Clitsome... I wonder.
  5. What even happened with Virt last game? :S I should know this..
  6. <3 And yeah, you were on it.
  7. Where's my apology?
  8. Last words: Kill attempt on Kaz was real. Remember that it wasn't blocked or redirected. I think AV is the last one. He's played a solid game but I really think it's him. And you guys are all potatoes Good luck.
  9. What cause? It's already done for me. You guys will see.
  10. Good luck you TP traitors
  11. You guys can figure it out. Unless AV is absolutely confirmed, I think he's the JOAT. Last time I played Ilduce played us all with a solid TP game as mafia. I'm thinking more of the same. Please take my words for something. And for the record, I really did submit my kill for Kaz in the previous round. Don't know what happened.
  12. It's helpless. It will most likely be a 1v4 situation once I'm lynched, still a chance for the TP to pull it out, but against the strongest mafia player. I really hope they do. I don't care what anyone says I'm happy with how I have played and am really hoping for a win. My last words will probably be, I told you so.
  13. Please explain this to me the best you can. What was I trying to go for by claiming to the thread I tried to kill kaz, and then persisting the vote be on Kaz. Why would I announce it and bring total attention to myself like that? I would have been fine not saying anything, but I did because I knew Kaz was lying. Please for the love of anything that is holy explain. We still got 1 mafia, and yet you guys are still coming for me. I just don't see it.
  14. Yes, that TBT decided everything.
  15. I've been pushing for the lynch of Kaz since round 2. Say I'm the JOAT, you guys are saying that I gave up my only teammate to look better?? Now it would be 1 mafia vs 6 TP? Ridiculous. Just please explain like I'm 5 the logic you are following. What endgame do you think I was trying to go for? I thought he was the JOAT, he wasn't. But he still was saved when I used my kill. Or maybe he was put in jail again. I don't know.