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  1. Sad isn't an emotion I get. It's mostly anger. 1989 - Joel Otto kicks in a puck in Game 7 OT against Vancouver. Shouldn't have counted. Flames go on to win Stanley Cup. Every time a Flames fan mentions 1989, I mention Joel Otto. Their championship is tainted.
  2. FTFY
  3. I hate it when some fans say that 'we aren't real fans' because we are critical of the players and management. It is in fact THOSE fans who are the true disgrace.
  4. They are tired, didn't you get that memo?. There was this long road trip, you see... As if the other 29 teams don't also go through the same thing.
  5. Tonight, the Flames were a Rottweiler but the Canucks were a Rottweiler's weight in Chihuahuas.
  6. I consider myself to be more of an anti-Flames fan than anything else. Oilers, Kings, Sharks, I don't care. Whoever beats Calgary.
  7. You also have to understand: I hate Calgary so so so so much. I wouldn't care if the Canucks lost all their other games, just win the handful against Calgary in regulation please. I don't want to see the Flames in the playoffs, like ever.again.period.
  8. Really unhappy with this game. If Miller wasn't in net, it would have been a blowout. All the Canucks looked like they were octogenarians. They were also passing the puck WHEN THEY WERE IN THE SLOT FFS. *NEWSFLASH* -the slot is one of the highest percentage scoring areas...maybe Willie can go over some tape. It's like they were trying NOT to score. Seriously, I am sick of this crap. This team is supposed to be 'young', but anchors like Eriksson and crappy no-talent plugs like Noskille, Megna and Chaput are dragging them down. Even Hansen looked slow as $&!# out there tonight. This could have been a 3-0 or 4-0 win, but the lack of ATTEMPT to finish made it far more painful, and gifted the Flames a point in the process.
  9. They're done. They aren't going to have a renaissance like Thornton and Marleau had last year. Marleau scored 4 goals in one period this season. It takes Daniel Sedin 2 weeks to score 4 goals, sometimes a month.
  10. Seriously, screw Calgary. If any Canadian team deserves to be let go, it's them. Alberta doesn't need two hockey teams. Screw the Flames.
  11. Henrik and Daniel play like they are 60 years old. I would rather have one 45 year old Jaromir Jagr with two broken legs.
  12. SHOOT THE PUCK. should be plastered all over the Canucks dressing room. Sutter had a look there.
  13. Daniel and Henrik should try to put the puck in the net this period.
  14. Kypreos suggesting Fleury for the Flames. ..i hope so. Fleury is a disaster.