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  1. Binnington is like 26. Demko is still learning. It takes time, look how long it took for Marky.
  2. I have had about enough of Sutter. He does not bring over 4 million dollars of value to this team. He's not the only boat anchor on this team, but many nights he looks like the biggest.
  3. I think Hughes could be a franchise defenseman. It's obvious to me that he's banged up and he still is head and shoulders above the others.
  4. Looking forward to see what a new coach can get out of this lineup next season. I wish no ill toward Travis Green, but he had his chance. Even if they manage to sneak in, I think its time for change.
  5. I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way. I could handle them being bad, but thats over 10 mil of cap for crap hockey.
  6. The way they lost the game in regulation is just comical. I guess Hughes must be banged up too, he wasn't around much in the 3rd. I am not the first person to say this, but I am having a hard time wondering what Sutter, Roussel and Eriksson do for their combined cap hit of $10+ million with an NTC crap cherry on top. All of these guys have years left so they will be boat anchors for seasons to come. Loui Eriksson is especially pathetic. 6 million dollars for a measly 12 points, several of which are empty netters. Just tell him to stay home, the team is better without him in the lineup.
  7. The Matthews goal is unacceptable. If Demko wants a number 1 job next season that stuff cant go in.