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  1. The jerseys are so nasty. Black and grey? Those are exciting colours....
  2. I have a feeling this will be an entertaining game. Looking forward to all the special teams improvement I am SURE will be there tonight.
  3. This was a game where some more inspired play from the grinders would have been nice. Jay Beagle is underwhelming, and I am being charitable with that assessment. Secondary scoring needs to happen more often as well. Let's not sign anymore 30 somethings from former Stanley Cup winning teams, they aren't hungry, they just want a paycheck. Special teams need to be fixed, they stand around way too much on the PP AND the PK. Get that puck to the net, no need to pass 500 times.
  4. Jets have their number. Oh well. I still think Hellebuyck has horseshoes up his rear tonight.
  5. Hughes has made some nice passes tonight, despite a couple hiccups. If you're going to criticize Hughes, that's ok. Just remember he's the best defenseman this team has. The rest of them can't do what he does.
  6. Hughes is such a sexy player, even when the other Canucks have two left feet he is out there making plays. Its so hard to believe he is a rookie, he's just awesome. HOF potential.
  7. Is that how the PP is done in practice? Because it was not good. Minny didnt even check them that hard.
  8. You might not like their comment, but there are reasons to criticize the coaching staff. BTW simply criticizing someone's performance does not equal 'bashing' them, if you are posting in a forum you are sometimes going to have to deal with comments you don't agree with. Personally, if the team can't make the playoffs this year, I would like to see a coaching change. The excuses are wearing thin, this team has star players at every position now.
  9. Decent win, but IMO the Sabres had some pretty bad goaltending. I don't know how Carter Hutton got so much money, he was beyond brutal in Nashville, I think he was propped up by the system in St. Louis. Whatever his agent makes, its not enough. This is a great confidence booster for the boys though. Miller was flying out there, Boeser had a big game and Petey and Hughes were setting up plays all night.
  10. Yeah for the most part Demko was fine. A couple early but lots of teams bounce back
  11. There's no panic in the team. They are still satisfied going 7-2 in the last 9. That said, if Green cant get them into a wild card spot this season, I think its time for a change. Clean house and all that, except for Ian Clark. Give that guy a raise.
  12. Hughes has really made the other D look pedestrian by comparison. Give the kid a blank cheque. He will be a special player.