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  1. Some people might buy into Babcock being the saviour, but I am not. I rip on Green a lot, but I am not sure that Mike Babcock is the guy. Seems like playing heavy D is starting to make a comeback, the Blues won a Cup that way, and the Islanders and Arizona are also following this model. It sucks, because I hate trap hockey.
  2. Those uniforms look sharp. Nothing else like them in the league. They should make those the new home jerseys.
  3. These 1 goal deficits feel like 3 or 4 goal deficits, they could have played another 3 periods and not scored a tying goal. Sure there was some pressure, but I don't recall Blackwood having to make any spectacular saves in the 3rd. This team has no answer for playing the trap, and that will get around the league fast - if you want to beat the Canucks, clog up the zone, they can't get through. Can't blame this on the roster anymore, there's enough talent to do more than this. It feels like the weapons are there, but there's no clear understanding on how to execute.
  4. Please pray it's not against Calgary. I can't handle another loss to them.
  5. Come on gang! it's just one loss! It was a bad one...but look at all the talent! You know seriously I am hard on this team because I have been watching them for over 30 years and I am getting really really sick of watching other teams get it together and win it all. I don't want to hear 'Gloria' played over and over, or see the Penguins lift yet another Cup, it's just aggravating. So yeah, you don't like it when I vent? So sorry, I am not leaving. "But Mustapha, you never celebrate a win." Sure, guilty as charged. i see the regular season in some ways as the extension of the pre-season, real hockey starts in April. I just want to see some goddamn playoff hockey from this team. Regular season wins are important to get there, but I don't feel the need to chat about a win, i just take it in and enjoy it. I believe Petey will be a star in this league for many years. I think Hughes could be the franchise D man this team had never had. I am proud to say I was wrong about Markstrom and Demko actually looks like a future #1. I love Petey because he's awesome with the puck, he even had the Winnipeg fans in awe tonight. He even has a mean streak, which is something I wished Henrik and Daniel had when they played. But there are many things I don't like about this team, and I will continue to voice them. I don't think Travis Green is the guy to get them deep in the playoffs. Paul Maurice had those refs eating our of his palm. So go ahead, call me a troll. It's just not true.
  6. I am sorry you don't like my opinion. I am not insulting other posters, I am only talking about the game. I get a lot of insults from other people because they dont like my opinion, and thats ok right?
  7. Well I have been here a lot then, because this team finds ways to lose. Garbage effort.
  8. Just tell Loui to pack his $&!# and go back to Sweden. I am tired of all the overpaid floaters. There's actual talent on this team, guys like Loui kill plays.
  9. Green is partially responsible for this. Horrible mismanagement. Shift after a goal against, soft as butter again. Weak ass stick checks that don't work. Take the body once in awhile, Christ.
  10. I am wondering if all Boeser can do is shoot. He was making some seriously $&!#ty passes tonight. Oh well. At least Granlund is gone. What a plug he was.
  11. Still has no answer for the trap. I notice that Petey is getting roughed up just like Daniel and Henrik did. He should start hitting back before he is abused his entire career like the Sedins were.
  12. I feel bad for Quinn, would have been nice if his teammates showed up for him. Who am I kidding? This team is full of UFA mercs who just want to get paid. One of them gets 6 million dollars just to sit healthy the press box FFS. I bet Loui just loves Travis Green. /s Franchise defensemen dont exist in Vancouver, if I was Quinn Hughes I would want to get as far away from this team as possible. Markstrom will be fleeing the coop at the end of the year, he's a smart man.
  13. If Sven Baertschi is the answer then this team is in a heap of trouble. This team is coming down to Earth, they had a hot start but they have all the same problems on the road as last year. They had many power plays but they were their worst own enemy on most of them. Maybe instead of sending players down to the AHL, they should send the coaches because this was a dog $&!# effort and they weren't ready to play.
  14. Maybe you missed the last 50 years but Vancouver has been losing for decades. This team has never been good enough to mock the Oilers, despite their 'decade of failure' (where they have won more playoff series than the Leafs btw). The reality is that JB has to trade futures to get decent forwards on the team. They haven't been able to develop complimentary players, they are relying on raw talent like Boeser and Petey. And yeah, they overpaid big time considering the cap issues Tampa is in. But most people know what type of player JT Miller is, for all we know the 2020 1st rd pick will be Juolevi 2.0 John Weisbrod special.
  15. Back in 2011 I hated the Bruins. I couldn't stand Brad Marchand or Mark Recchi. Now, I look at it differently. The Canucks had a 3-2 series lead just like St. Louis, but they couldn't pull it out. The loss was on Vancouver, not on Boston. They were banged up, but they had TWO chances to get it done, and they couldn't. It's the hallmark of poor leadership and I know it will piss off some Sedin fans. Sorry, it's true. I recognize the twins for their talent but they aren't Sakic or Yzerman. You don't just let another guy speed bag you in the face. I am sure the younger guys on that team are upset they didn't win. I am sure Rask is pissed, because despite how well Binnington played, Rask was still the best goalie in the playoffs going into Game 7, and the statistics showed that. Marchand and Bergeron will have their place in the HHOF. Bergeron is one of the best centremen I have ever seen, and despite all the trap hockey tonight, he was still smooth as silk. Marchand is Marchand, love him or hate him, he is an impact player, and a skilled one at that. I am not going to take joy in his sorrow, because deep down I know that most Canucks fans ( and fans of other mediocre teams) wish they had a player that impactful on their roster ( Petey might get there one day) The Canucks manage to get into the Finals roughly once every 15 years, the Bruins managed three appearances in a single decade span, with the potential for more. Now that the Devils Blues have their championship, that makes the Leafs, Canucks and Sabres as the three big NHL losers. I don't see how this result makes me feel any better as a Canucks fan. It feels like both the Leafs and Sabres are in a much better position to break that losing streak. Fans of teams with rich histories like Detroit and Montreal, New Jersey and yes even Edmonton can reminisce about the glory days. Even Calgary had 1989. All this fanbase has is schadenfreude over seeing Brad Marchand sad. It just feels pathetic.