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  1. Where was Kawahi in 2013 NBA Finals?
  2. No, Lebron is still the best player in the world. Your second statement doesn't even mean you take the best player. 25 Leonard or 32 year old Lebron, if I'm starting a team RN I'd probably pick Leonard too based solely on age
  3. Blown leads everywhere

  4. Anyone else surprised by the numbers. (Forbe's annual rankings of the highest paid WWE superstars for the 2016 calendar year) 1 Brock Lesnar $12 million 2 John Cena $8 million 3 Triple H $3.8 million 4 Roman Reigns $3.5 million 5 Dean Ambrose $2.7 million 6 AJ Styles $2.4 million 7 Shane McMahon $2.2 million T8 The Undertaker
  5. yet he only faces a clown, roided out guy, a penguin man, killer croc and an oh so scary Mr Freeze
  6. Why? Diaz made him tap and he didn't lose anything from that
  7. But that young winger in Winnipeg has about 3 own goals
  8. MayRayDown

    NFL thread

    making it sound like he did something heroic lol
  9. MayRayDown

    NFL thread

    There was a plane on the field?
  10. MayRayDown

    NFL thread

    Minnesota went from 5-0 to 5-4 real quick lol
  11. Should watch his fight vs RDA, his footwork was being praised that fight and led to him winning the belt by making RDA go the wrong way and landing the shot that stunned him. Like McGregor said, Alvarez is a warrior but he just didn't belong in the ring with him. (Also how can Alvarez make fun of McGregor's tattoos when he has his last name on his back?)
  12. MayRayDown

    NFL thread

    Bruce Arians thought there should have been a penalty on Wagner last week. Also Prescott only 8/20 completions
  13. MayRayDown

    NFL thread

    Didn't the Seahawks win their last 2 games because of blown calls?
  14. MayRayDown

    NFL thread

    Too bad he was mostly throwing to Burton (Who dropped more than he caught) and Agholor (who doesn't compete in traffic or create separation)
  15. So we can expect them grappled on the mat for the whole fight? Guess that would be a GSP fight afterall
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