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  1. Trade does for sure need to happen though. right now if we send Eriksson, Baertschi and Benn to the minors we have 1.9 mil to sign Jake.
  2. good signing Motte Halwryluk Macewen pretty sick fourth line.
  3. pretty cool though KHL would not allow something like this.
  4. Nicklas Jensen has a PPG in KHL and almost a goa per game. 


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    2. c00kies


      Age is another big factor. Younger players dominating is a good sign, whereas older players doing well is just kind of normal, and not a sign they will be great in the NHL. Of course there is no certain way to tell, but fringe NHLers that do well in the KHL usually don't get hard looks.

    3. #Canucks


      He was almost a PPG last year. If he was going to get a look, it would have happened already!

    4. NUCKER67


      NHL >>>>>> KHL

  5. Honestly i would be fine if JB just did Eriksson+ 2nd+ prospect to get rid of him and then go to TB and get a 2nd back to take Johnson with like 1M retained.
  6. offer them a trade around Pearson. Reunite him and tofu again lol.
  7. that is before Beartchi and Eriksson get pushed to the AHL. Sutter likely gets traded, Ferland likely goes on LTIR. you can go over the cap during FA.
  8. Still plenty cheap Ufa options avail for Van: 1) Vatanen 2) Anthony Duclair 3) Alex Galchenyuk 4) Corey Perry 5) Iya Kovalchuck 6) Madison Bowey 7) Jeremy Bracco 8) Valentine Zykov 10) Carl soderberg 11) Nicklas Jensen
  9. maybe petro did not want to play in Vancouver?
  10. I would be fine with banning just signing one last cheap forward and the trusting our youngsters. I would take a shot at drake cagguila. Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Virtanen Hoglander Gaudette cagguila Motte Beagle sutter Hughes Schmidt Edler Rafferty Juolevi Myers Chatfeild Benn Demko Holtby I think we could get at least a late pick for roussel
  11. I honestly don't mind a free agency like this. I would rather wait to spend when pettersson and Hughes have a new contract.
  12. Honestly I bet they are really close stat wise this year. Tofu is only a 40 point guy.