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  1. I say Eichel because there is not any top line centers out there available.This kid happy and on a line with Boeser and Miller makes the mind ponder.A career faceoff percentage around 50%.Peteys kryptonite is the faceoff dot.
  2. If Petey was given an offer sheet and accepted, would you if you were Benning let him go.Say 11 million or higher.Take 4 1st rounders and then start talks with Buffalo for Eichel.Offer 3 of the first rounders straight up for Eichel with Buffalo eating 1 million for the first 2 seasons. Age difference is 2 years .Keeping Petey would be best but I would think hard when the money gets to high if the Canucks can get Buffalo to bite.
  3. I would do this years first and next years ,They give back Jones and a second this year and a second next year.We could also do this years first and Rathbone for jones and Scott Harrington. Defenseman. Shoots left.6'2 208 lbs,Is a -7 over 203 games.Makes 1.6 milion and change.Signed for next year and a UFA after that. Jones Schmitd/Harrington Hughes Hamonic/Harrington Myers Hamonic/Juolevi/Schmidt 3rd pairing has some size.First pairing has decent size.Hughes and Hamonic struggled some last year but with a seas
  4. For me it is simple.Benningsaid he lost Toffoli because he ran out of time.He ran out trying to add 8.5 million in cap signing EO Larsson.What in the hell was his plan with the cap not just this year but next when Petey and Hughes need a contract.Or Bo and Boeser after that.Or Demko.He was doing exactly as he always does.Counting on a cap increase.Counting his chickens before they hatched.
  5. Green back to his same old BS.Gain center,dump it in,work behing the net,then throw it to the point to have it blocked and out.For christs sake trust your goalie and play the same position game like las night.
  6. Almost 2 periods and not one scoring chance Price has to deal with. Good night .Even worse. Here in Calgary we have to listen to the tsn Montreal feed homer BS
  7. So the same bottom 6 that gets smashed in their own end and generates squat offensively.Yup.Lets bang our heads against the wall for another season.The 3rd line means Bo is going to be constantly on the ice taking faceoffs when the second or 3rd line is out because Gaudette is really bad at it.With Sutter gone now Bo plays on the PK as well which has been shown to be one of his weaknesses.Now add to that you are tying the anchor Erikkson ,who is where all offense goes to die and Bo's offense sinks for another season.I think Horvat might have a chance at a Selke if he wasn't tied to players th
  8. Jesus Joseph and Mary how many one man rushes 5 on 5 amd powerplay can this team continue with?
  9. Truly the worst puck moving defense left in the playoffs.Tanev is having a tough time.Doesn't look good at all.
  10. If Miller and Boeser do not contribute this team has a drastic lower chance of winning
  11. Hey.hey.hey lets put old fart Edler out to kill penalties.Then lets throw old mad Erikson out and expect a win.This is a total Jim Benning moron sign old guys o play big minutes in a playoff series.It is over
  12. This series is done.No scoring from the bottom 6 and Boeser goes to wherever the tough areas aren't.Complete perimeter play like most of the regular season.Don't get me strated on Edler when he plays big minutes.His fault or coaching but either way he is getting owned all night.
  13. This season for Tanev was an outlier.The guy misses to much hockey.Even with him in this years line up the D hasn't been good except Hughs.Wasn't Tanev hurt when the season stopped.If the season starts up and ends up compressed(and the Canucks make the playoffs)and Tanev plays a lot of games with little time off his injury problem will surface again I'm sure.Move on and bring up someone from the farm if they have to.Tramkin should not even be a consideration unless he spends time in Utica to show he can even play hockey on the small ice,
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