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  1. Please don't spam with the loui face emoji.  Use it sparingly and only if you are truly "loui" about the content in a post...NOT to shadow a user or make a point.

    1. Aladeen


      Love me some louimoji... if we don't use it they may take it away :(

  2. whose anaconda do I get to worship?
  3. PIT - Gemel Smith - 1 year, $950k PIT - Matthias Brome - 2 years, $1m PIT - Vitek Vanacek - 2 years, $1m @Patnat96
  4. Sebastian Aho - Connor McDavid - Matthew Tkachuk Tyler Toffoli - Mark Schiefele - Jean-Gabriel Pageau Andreas Athanasiou - Nick Bjugstad - Blake Comeau Kyle Clifford - Jay Beagle - Adam Erne Nate Thompson Rasmus Dahlin - Charlie McAvoy Cale Makar - Juuso Valimaki Artyom Zub - Dean Kukan Connor Carrick, Julius Honka Braden Holtby Mike Smith
  5. League rules: Rosters: Waivers: Contracts: Trades: League information: Commissioner Team: League schedule: Scoring: Playoffs: Optional Fantrax donation:
  6. Jazz - LL, MR, J23, Falcon, GC LL - Jazz, Z
  7. @BoKnows I believe that’s game
  8. TBL - Daniel Sprong - 2 years, $1.25m* VGK - Curtis McElhinney - 1 year, $1.5m * - As Daniel Sprong is an RFA from Nashville, @apollo will have seven days from this announcement (1:27 pm PST, December 31, 2020) to either match the offer or accept compensation. Due to the contract's salary, the compensation owed would be nothing. @Nolan @JimLahey I should be caught up; if there are any other offers I’ve missed, please bump them. Thanks!
  9. it feels like I’m being gaslit into thinking I missed a pm lol
  10. all I know is LL is lying and you’ve been chummy with him.
  11. I’m not sure. I’d have to look deeper. I thought it was GC, given how the voting was coincidentally aligning. But now I’m unsure. I don’t think it’s MR or J23. Z has been really quiet, at least as long as I’ve been paying attention, but that just means I don’t have a read on him. DM is the remaining option, and it’s plausible. You two have practically been peas in a pod this whole game, so I’m going to accept your sarcasm as wolfy truth telling.
  12. one more to win the game for the mafia! who will it be
  13. I think the mafia win any which way this round goes, if I somehow survive I’m still the best lynch choice next round and then that’s game
  14. beats me, but I know it wasn’t asking if I’m mafia
  15. I think the question you asked might’ve been different from the one you told us in the thread
  16. anything I say doesn’t matter at this point lmao, I’m permascumlean
  17. trust me if I was mafia I’d be way more invested lmao
  18. if I survive this round I’ve got my eye on falcon next.
  19. look, I get that it’s not the most objective source saying this, but lucky is lying.
  20. smh I’m not doing well here you two voted to gift each other, and conceivably you two along with falcon had a connected voting strategy in at least a couple rounds. plus I vaguely remember thinking there was something odd about your interactions early in the game but I’d have to go back and read more. all I know is LL is not being truthful.
  21. I admit, I’ve slanked, and it hasn’t looked good for me. I will take full responsibility for losing this game to three people that I half-randomly called out in the second round
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