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  1. no but what does it stand for I just thought the vote type was switching to shorten the days
  2. yeah this game is done. pretty certain now that LL, GC, falcon are mafia. I’m the lynch. GG all.
  3. I had to pretend like I knew what ‘tos’ was until someone else asked
  4. y’all have these acronyms that everyone’s supposed to understand automatically but I don’t think I’ve ever caught on to half of them
  5. it’s a good ploy, I’ll give them that. for one round only, though. I flip town, everyone knows LL is lying through his teeth, and then two mafia to go. though I’m not sure if the town can win if mafia get two TP kills this round
  6. LL, GC, and one of falcon/MR/DM. that’s my best guess.
  7. from now on I will be doing a lotto for my voting.
  8. I give up. I’m not good at this game anymore.
  9. because I didn’t see it, and now my last post is for nothing.
  10. ungift; gift boknows I’m doing this purely for s**ts and giggles, because it doesn’t matter. if I was actually right about my half-dart in the dark guess, one of LL and GC are gonna get the gift. which means it’s maf either way. falcon equalizes the vote, coincidentally enough. two of the group are voting for qwags, who’s probably as good as I am at being a permascumlean read. the other one is voting for a slanker, along with a slanker (me), so if that vote ends up happening, it’s no skin off their nose, J23 was slanking and I’m (to them) a slanking wolf voting out an
  11. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins - 3 years, $6.5m @Art Vandelay
  12. better yet! if you want me out of the game @luckylager, I just won’t vote until I get GKed.
  13. lynch me and waste another round on town then.
  14. imagine the final group being falcon, LL, and GC! what a racket that would be
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