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  1. There is no rush from his perspective. No hockey being played and the world is dealing with a pandemic. If I make a guess I think he goes back to school for another year and stays close to home, especially with what's happening in the US. He is only 20 and has tons of time to play hockey and earn money. It really sucks Vancouver is so far from his home.
  2. I prefer the aggressive forecheck system because I hate the neutral zone trap it kills the flow of the game. But getting caught deep can be a problem. It's a personal preference for me. The issue is the forwards need to stay with their checks on the way back and not lose them.
  3. Tough call. They perform better against teams that don't play a structured neutral zone (trap) style coupled with a hard forecheck. It's the neutral zone turnovers and counter attack that usually begins the scrambling coverage then they seem to breakdown especially in their D zone coverage. The D men start to run around sometimes usually because the forwards lose their check and the D try and cover. A large part of this is on the players, but you are right the coaches need to help them. I still think replacing Baumgartner with a veteran coach to help TG would be beneficial in all situations, especially one who can take charge of the D and D zone coverage. I think TG has promise and I think the players play hard for him. He has not thrown them under the bus even though some fans want him to. This is huge especially for young players.
  4. My be past his best before date. He is 69 years old plus: In 2017, at the end of his five-year contract with the Sharks, Robinson left the organization.[10] He is currently a Senior Consultant to Hockey Operations for the St. Louis Blues. With the St. Louis Blues defeating the Boston Bruins in the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals, Robinson won his tenth Stanley Cup championship.[1
  5. I really think TG could use the help of a "veteran NHL" assistant coach on the bench. Especially one that could help with the D core / and D zone coverages. Baumgartner does not seem to be doing a very good job of correcting or adjusting this shortfall. Marky covered a lot of breakdowns in the D zone.
  6. It's gonna be difficult for him to leave his brother. Another year of college delays his need to leave. Tough call for a young man. Looking at the map of NHL teams there are quite a few a lot closer. Vancouver is basically as far as it gets away from his family. At least Utica is fairly close it may help him to sign and buys him another year.
  7. I like Stetcher and he is a great story. But at $2.5 Million I can't see how he fits going forward and as the games get heavier I am concerned he may get pushed around even more. I wonder if there would be a market for him now as part of a package for an upgrade.
  8. It wouldn't have changed much to give Stetcher a break for a couple of games and rotate Rafferty in. Rafferty has earned the look.
  9. I was hoping they would give Rafferty at least a couple/few games with the big team before the deadline to see where his game is at.
  10. I don't think he will make the big club. I am hopeful he may get some games in Utica. This whole player pipeline is getting nice and plump. No need to rush or jump the gun. Just makes sure there is room in the system.
  11. They play a few games over the All Star break so I would imagine it's likely.
  12. Based on how TG likes to mix his lines up it may not be the worst thing to "start" on the fourth line. At least TG can see his game and it gives Bailey an opportunity. Short of more injuries (especially if Ferland returns) Bailey may not get a better option than to start on the fourth line this year.
  13. To be fair those Buffalo teams were just awful and he was only 21/22 years old. I think he has earned some consideration with his play this year. As we have seen all players don't develop equally. With his size and speed it would be a shame to lose him without giving him a chance. Imagine he is the next Kassian without the fisticuffs. Kassian's trajectory is not far off if you look at his stats at the same age. Kassian had issues but maybe all Bailey needs is the right opportunity.
  14. Maybe he turns into this guy. He wasn't overly impressive until he was about the same age - similar size. We are due for one of these aren't we?
  15. Check out these highlight clips from the Finland US game. Two elbows and a direct boarding from behind. Perspective is important.