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  1. Not sure if this has been covered however he shoots L and plays RD? (replaces Tanev) I thought TG frowned on this.
  2. He sure hasn't "earn" the $30Million plus the Canucks have paid him based on what they thought he would offer. Does he have any honor, or just greed at the expense of his employer and teammates who may have to be moved out or paid less because he can't admit the game has passed him by. Sure they signed him to a contract. So did he in good faith knowing full well why they paid him all that dough. There are 2 sides to every contract not just "hey you signed me so pound sand even though I suck and no one wants me and I am a running joke" He hasn't earned what he has been paid so let's stick around for more of what he hasn't earned. I wonder how his team mates feel. I know I wouldn't be a fan.
  3. If he wants more than $4.5 Million I think its too much. Maybe not in year 1 or 2 but beyond that he should be transitioning to bottom pairing and filling in on top four if required. If that isn't the case this defense hasn't improved and it is not going to be good enough. I would like to see 3 x $4.5 Million or 4 x $4 Million. He is a great team mate and very important in the room. But he can't drive play and isn't fleet of foot. The Canucks window is realistically 2 - 3 years away. Love him but......... We don't need any more over payments please.
  4. Will you be able to get Loui to realize his best before date is passed and it's time to hang em up without becoming an even bigger embarrassment? If so they should hire you.
  5. Loui is a boat anchor and so is his contract. Borderline line 4th line player who can PK. Other players will have to leave because he can't acknowledge the game has passed him by. The Canucks, have at least to this point, not embarrased him by demoting him or bad mouthing him. Same can't be said for Loui.
  6. That's pretty difficult with everything that happens during a game and at speed. I know for certain that if Roussel throws either of the Myers or Sutter hits the Blues are on a powerplay and Roussel is possibly ejected. Watch any of the other games yesterday hits from behind close to the boards are a penalty.
  7. The Ref's are responsible to protect the players from dangerous hits/play - hits from behind especially when close to the boards included. They failed miserably and the result is a player was injured. Why are there no direct repercussions to the officials involved? Players are suspended or fined. Why not the officials? I realize they may not work later rounds but that doesn't appear to be enough. I believe if the Sutter boarding is called the Blues may not have continued to run around hitting from behind and Myers isn't injured. Disgusting.
  8. Seattle Zig Zags. Home and away colors.
  9. Hope this lights a fire in his belly. He could play lights out for 20 games. If they can get on a roll and stay healthy they have a chance with Markstrom playing at the top of his game. GO CANUCKS GO!
  10. Sekeres is a pouting baby making waves because he is irrelevant . I tuned that guy out a long time ago. It was hard enough listening to his kermit the frog voice with a headcold but it was his know it all presentation that made him impossible to take seriously. Poser and wannabe.
  11. You mean the Calder Cup right?
  12. See my original bolded statament. What a rabbit hole and waste of time based on an observtion that MAY or may not come true that only time will tell. I know you like having the last word from previous experience by engaging - my bad. Please proceed and I will step off. The floor is yours. Enjoy your weekend.
  13. My point exactly, finally. And yes players do leave teams for more money - happens all the time. If you are saying the Canucks as constructed are currently a legitimate contender (especially if at a minimum they aren't able to retain these players and improve the roster further) and therefore these players will automatically take less I am not sure you are being realistic. Then to go on and say they don't fit into your plans if/when they do sign somewhere else for more than you can/have offered is not really a plan it's an adjustment to your original plan becasue you couldn't afford to pay them enough to keep them - lack of cap space.
  14. And my point was there will be teams with more cap space than the Canucks will have available should they want the players I mentioned in myoriginal post. Pretty basic math. They are not all equal (nor will they be if the cap falls or stagnates) some will be able to offer more if they choose. End of my point. Not sure why you decided to hijack my point to imply I don't think there are other options for the Canucks or other teams. If you want to undertake a discussion on what other teams will and should do about said players based on your opinion then feel free to start another discussion. If you want to take it further make your own post and we can discuss that point. My point stands.
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