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  1. That's because JB is working on bringing Dumba in to replace Tanev, and the deal doesn't include Boeser. Demko and Gaudette going back.
  2. There has been lots of speculation both from fans and media, and discussion surrounding what types of pieces will be moved out to set the Canucks up for the upcoming season. We need to take a step back and assess where the team is at in its rebuild. They made the playoffs, which is exactly where management hoped they would be, and this rationalized the Tofolli deal, in which they gave up T. Madden and a second in the upcoming draft. In the playoffs their top young talent displayed a level of compete we hoped they might have. We got to see rookie Hughes, sophomore Petersson, captain Horvat, and pseudo captain Miller dominate and lead the team to one win away from competing in the Western Conference final. We also got to see strong performances from Motte, Boeser, Toffoli, Tanev, Edler, and our MVP- Markstrom and his cohort Demko. We can safely identify the core we want to move forward with, however, what we can't do is take steps backwards. JB must sign Markstrom who is a legit top 10 proven goalie in this league and trade Demko, as if he tries to ride with both we'll lose Demko in the expansion draft. There has been talk that we can throw an asset to Seattle, so they stay away from selecting Demko in the expansion draft, but that taking steps backwards. Why lose an asset, when you could deal Demko to get an asset that addresses a weakness on the team, taking steps forward. With that said I love Gaudette, but if we package him and Demko together we probably can get Dumba. Next step forward, is moving out players like Sutter, Eriksson, and Roussel. Sutter will fetch a third round pick for sure, and maybe even a second... Eriksson would need to be dealt to a team like Detroit with a player like Virtanen to sweeten the deal. We probably get a third in return as well. Eriksson real dollars left on his contract is actually not bad, and Detroit can rationalize this type of deal as they are miles away from the cap and Virtanen's upside is still to be met. He'll play on a second line and will probably hit 25 goals. They're in essence buying a good young player for a third round pick. The reinforcements are coming, and by that I mean Hoglander and Poldkozin. These two players are going to end up pushing guys out of spots, for example Pearson, but for now they will slot into the third line, and viola, our third line will be far more productive. This was a major concern during the our recent playoff run. Don't forget about Rathbone and OJ, as both will be ready to compete for a position in the upcoming season. Can Leivo play center? if he can he could fulfill their need, otherwise we should not resign him, and they'll move Stecher as well. Flame away...
  3. Packaged with Stecher for R.Ristolainen from Buffalo.
  4. You're forgetting one thing, and that is Ian Clarke (goal tending coach), he's a massive part to Marky's success and Marky knows that.
  5. No I'm saying Virtanen is the sweetener (packaged with L.E.) Risto is on the perfect term, 2 years @5.4 mil. I think he would excel with Hughes as a pairing. He's 25 years old, 6'4" 225 lbs, skates very well, hits like a freight train, massive shot, stays healthy, and can log a tonne of minutes.To be honest, paired with Hughes he'll take a big step forward and probably be an all star. I liken him to a young M. Ohlund. As far as JM, he is looking for a deal here in Vancouver that gives him expansion protection and I'm fine with that. 4 years at 6.25 mil per year with a NMC is completely reasonable. This deal will probably feel like a steal when he's in the running for a Vezina for the course of the deal. He also, allows the Canucks to play a certain style of offense which supports our strengths, which is our forward group and Hughes.
  6. Obviously Markstrom is our guy moving forward. It's unbelievable to me how some Canuck fans, and even media members have switched over to thinking after three games in the playoffs where Demko stood on his head that he has earned the starter position. Did anyone else notice the type of hockey the Canucks needed to play just to try and stay competitive, and they still got out shot massively in trying to shelter Demko. What Demko has done is raised his asset status, as a team like Buffalo would love to get their hands on a young goalie with so much upside.Packaged with Stecher would land Ristolienen. Risto would be a perfect fit with Hughes. If we pull such a move we would need to move both Sutter and Eriksson. Sutter played well enough to validate the return on him being probably a 2nd round pick. A team like the Islanders would love a guy like him- A good 200' player that could move around the second and third line, kill penalties, and win faceoffs. Eiksson is going to need a sweetener, and unfortunately I think J.B. in a round about way alluded to the time has come to come off Virtanen. I love this player and the potential he has. He almost scored 20 goals in a shorten season, mostly on the third line, and at even strength. A team like Detroit seems to me to be the very best fit for this type of move. Detroit ships us a 5th rounder. We probably have to add a 3 rounder in 2021. We now have room to sign Toffoli, and Tanev as well. Thoughts...
  7. Demko + Virtanen for Ristolainen. But first we'll need to deal Sutter for a second to open up cap space. Eriksson will also need to be moved, and if we eat half of Eriksson's contract that 2nd might be the sweetener that gets a rebuilding team looking to grab assets.
  8. 1 game down that was considered an exhibition game, but the reality of that game against the Jets, was that it looked a lot like a mid-season game with a complete rosters, true physicality, and full efforts. OJ did not look out of place whatsoever, in fact he made some very astute plays, and his outlet passes led to a couple of decent shots on goals. He might be the best outlet passer on the team, which is exactly what this team needs in aiding their transitions. At 6'3" and 215 lbs, and skates well he could eventually replace Edler as their second LD. Let's hope he secures that third line LD for the playoffs, and watch this young man grow and gain confidence in this years playoffs. Which will hopefully result in him coming into next year and establishing himself as finally arriving. This is the type of story that "Canuck Nation" can truly get behind; never give up, and to have faith in our GM.
  9. in your argument you actually validated my point, therefore I thank you sir. Again, it's a no brainer
  10. Hmm...lose toffoli or boeser, legit top 6 players, of which the Canucks have been starved of for the last 20 years, or move a prospect/pick + Louie. It's a no brainer. Don't forget both Podkolzin and Hoglander will be legit top 6 as well. This will be the very best top 6 the Canucks has ever iced, and i say we go to our strengths.
  11. Miller- Petersson- Boeser Pearson- Horvat- Toffoli Hoglander- Gaudette- Virtanen Motte- Beagle- Sutter Hughes- Tanev Edler- Stecher OJ- Myers
  12. As well, Leivo is not a top 6 forward on any good team, so why would we want him there. Ferland is done and he's only an asset as a LTIR cap space generator.
  13. You just set the team back 5 years, no thanks. Boeser only gets traded if we get a legit top line defender back; ala Seth Jones for Ryan Johansen deal, otherwise no way do you give Boeser up, as he;s far too valuable as our number one RW. Yes 100% to resigning Tofolli- 4 years 5.5 million per year. Our second line becomes legit, and when you add either Podkolzin or Hoglander to the team we'll have two very strong forward lines that will pull vault the Canucks into legit contender status for years to come. I agree that we need to move Demko, and We also need to move Sutter and Stecher. Is there a package where we might be able to recover some picks? I think the Islanders would love all three players so maybe there's a possible trading partner. Re-signing Tanev and Markstrom are priorities as well. Virtanen should not be moved, and I think time will bear out how important this young man will be to this team, with game changing goals, pace-making speed, physical presence, and heavy hockey which is required to win in the playoffs. He can play on any line and make a difference at any time. He'll get better with time and more exposure to JT Miller. I think the push your looking for on the back end will come from our prospects like Rafferty, OJ, WOO, and Rathbone. I think eventually one of those guys will be one of our top 2 defenders, and another one of them will be in our top 4. Way cheaper then bringing in a 6-7 million dollar Dumba.